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OOT and wedding favours?

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In addition to our OOT bags, we are making a donation in each person's name to a charity which was started for our friend who died last summer and who was supposed to play guitar at our wedding. A notice will be set at each place setting.

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Originally Posted by laura b View Post
That's a beautiful gesture.
Thank you. It will mean a lot to all who are there. He grew up across the street from us, was my brother's best friend, one of my fiance's best friends, and my best friend's boyfriend. He remembered when I was born and was like a brother to us and a son to my parents. He agreed to play guitar for us at our wedding just a few days before he died in a tragic diving accident (he was studying to be a marine biologist: his lifelong dream.) I know everyone who is there will appreciate it more than any trinket I could come up with. Plus, like I said we are doing OOT bags anyway. I think a donation is a wonderful way to honor those who are with you and those who can not be there with you. It is also practical as it is one less thing for people to have to lug home!

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