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My own Villa Checklist

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I had no luck finding the checklist I saw somewhere, not sure where, so I decided to do my own. Here it is:


Name of Villa

Wow Factor

# of Bedrooms - Kâ€s, Qâ€s, twins?

Air conditioned

# of Bathrooms

Square Footage

$ per night - Minimum amt. of nights -

Event fee

Distance to Beach

Distance to Downtown

Distance to Hotels

Size of pool



Size of kitchen, cook/prep areas

Place for ceremony

Reception area seating

Area for band

Bar area

Area for dance floor

Shelter from weather

# of Staff


Zoning laws

Other Amenities


If anyone can think of anything else to add I'd def be interested.

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Based on other issues/topics that came up when renting a villa for my upcoming wedding, I would also add the following:


-- housekeeping: how often, daily, once a week, etc.?


-- are housekeeping or gardener tips included in the price? Is there a guideline mininum tip per day/per person (ours was $3 total for gardener and housekeeper)?


-- washer/dryer?


-- supplied with dishes and utensils for up to #____ people?


-- if there's a dining room or kitchen table, how many does it accommodate?


-- what is the maximum number of guests permitted on the property at once?


-- # televisions? satellite access?


-- phones? is there free long distance calling (some have vonage)?


-- Wi Fi/Internet access? Equipped with computers?


-- is there a bbq grill?


-- are there hammocks on site?


-- Does the villa come equipped with bikes, kayaks, snorkel gear, pool gear, or golf carts for local transportation?


That's all for now, if I come up with more, I'll make sure to add!!! cheesy.gif

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