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Engagement Pictures- NYC

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1. Sasha Chou Photography. Amazing amazing photographer. She is really talented. http://sashachouphot...phy.tumblr.com/ If you are going to New York for your wedding. She is the one. She knows New York so well and will feature YOU in the city and attractiosn you go!


2. A more affordable way to spend destination wedding is hiring a local vacation photographer instead. You save a lot on travel expenses, hotel expenses and have a LOCAL photogapher to show you around. Check out PicVoyage. A new vacation photography service company.  http://www.picvoyage.com which offers engagement, elopement and intimate destination photo service. The package is really affordable comapring to a destination wedding photographer. They can also offer local vaaction photo tours experience. I think it is pretty cool idea to save money and also get to tour the city.


Good luck!

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