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Good points! Though it may take a bit of time, it would be worth it to sit down with a few local videographers and get a sense of style, packages and find out what exactly you're looking for and wanting. In your search you'll find a wide range of prices, but you may luck into a few that have an abundance of talent while still charging reasonable rates. Best of luck with your search!

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I have to completely disagree Alberto.


First of all, no one company is considered "the best" in this industry. Its a personal opinion and by no means should one company be held as a benchmark for what "the best" is. What one couple may see as attractive is not what the next well see. Therfore a client needs to look for what they find appealing and pursue comapanies that shoot that style.


Secondly, the link to the equipment you have posted is a tool that is commonly used by many videographers. If someone is looking for a cinematic style wedding video then it would be a strong asset to create that feel.


I also would not hold the prices as a benchmark with regards to what is good. In our local market that is the average price for videography.


And yes there are companies that charge over 10k and some do shoot HD and some do shoot true film. Calling these companies out of date is simply not the case. Although the average person may not budget this kind of money for a videographer does not mean it is out of date.

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