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Need advice on hotel/venue contract...PLEASE!

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Hey guys-


I'm a newbie here and I first want to say that this forum rocks! (Great job, Tammy, our Host!) All the members are such a pool of knowledge. Once I'm farther along & have more wedding planning experience, I definitely plan on being a regular contributor to help others.


Here's my predicament -- The place that I'm seriously considering for my Cabo wedding is pretty new at doing weddings. The contract they sent me is really bare bones. I plan on adding in provisions that I think are missing, but given that this is the first wedding I've ever planned (and hopefully, my last! LOL.), I don't know what needs to be included. By way of example, the contract includes provisions for:


1. negotiated room rate

2. deposit required and payment terms

3. the costs of our menu selections and alcohol


However, the contract does NOT include any provision regarding, for example:


1. the time the event needs to end,

2. what services the venue will provide for the banquet (ie, table set up, linens, bar set up)

3. that the venue will set up the ceremony (i.e., canopy, chairs)


These are just a few issues that came to mind, but I'm not sure what's customary to be included in a contract and what's not. I would very much appreciate any advice that any of you could lend!!


Also, if anyone is willing to share a copy of their contract, I would be so grateful. (Please feel free to redact all your personal info, prices, etc. -- I'm just interested in the contract terms.) Since I'm a newbie, I'm not sure the best way to facilitate that -- maybe send me a private message or I can send you my email address?


Thank you in advance!!

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