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So far I have 4 boarding pass created:


1.) Main info/announcement

- Day, time, location, our names, etc.


2.) Dear Friends and Family....

- Telling why we chose a DW and a note about a celebration at home upon our return if they can't come.


3.) Come by Cruise Ship, Come by Plane, Our Website

- Name and dates of ship we are on, Airport you could fly into and our website address with a note about getting up-to-date info, reservation and hotel information there.


4.) Agenda for day of wedding

- Has a general section for while we are on land and a section for cruise ship passengers only (for thing like dinner that evening).

I am not sure about #4. Does that sound ok? We want to stress that we will only be in port for about 6 hours and non-cruise guest cannot come on board. I didn't want to write a whole paragraph in case people just skim over it and miss that we are there for a short time.


Also we are having a celebration at home a few weeks after we get back. Do I need to include the specifics about location, date and time in here? Or can I just make sure that the info is in the invites?


Thanks so much! Carla :)

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I think that all 4 of your points are good. Especially #4. In our STD we put a rough agenda for the weekend also. I don't think you need to put any info about the celebration at your home town in the STD. Maybe you could pass out a postcard at the end of your weekend or send it out once you get back.

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