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Very sad and concerned - My boss is in the hospital waiting biopsy results. Sad, sad


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I have, what I would consider, the best boss ever. I work for a non--profit for research and development in education. Anyway, I received a phone call from her today telling me she is in the hospital and has had a biopsy on a lump found on her back. For the past probably 3 or so weeks, she has been having very bad back pain. She started going to physical therapy, acupuncture, and it just hadn't gotten any better. They physical therapist had told her she was surprised she was still working with the "knot" she was feeling. Anyway, she took Friday off, and I'm not sure how it happened, but she is now in the hospital waiting the results of a biopsy.


She is a generous and amazingly good person. Her and her mother are supposed to be coming to our wedding in 2 weeks. She was really looking forward to her break to cabo, and looking forward to coming to our wedding. I've been so excited. We leave this Friday, and right now, I'm excited, but so sad at the same time. The results won't be in until Tuesday. So, please everyone, positive thoughts that it will be benign, and she will recover from this and be at my wedding and a respite for her in 2 weeks! She totally deserves it!


sorry, so long, but thanks for listening, reading.

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