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I'm getting married at Riu Palace Mexico in Playa del Carmen on Feb. 12....initially I wanted a small & intimate wedding with only immediate family & friends attending (20-25 people)...however, my fiancee's mother has 10 brothers & sisters & my fiancee has about 30-40 cousins that we see pretty regularly (Christmas, family parties etc) so they kept asking about the wedding and after speaking to my fiancee about it we decide the right thing to do is invite them as well....since I realize a destination wedding can be pretty expensive for guests I figured the majority will not attend but, anyways, my guest list is now about 70-75 people. Anyways, to make a long story short : RIU Palace Mexico has a very strict policy that requires 80% of guests to stay at the resort in order for us to have our wedding there. I'm telling everyone invited that they HAVE to stay at the resort if they want to come...I understand most people might not want to spend that much money but it bothers me that people (my fiancees family) are complaining...it makes me feel guilty & selfish BUT it's my wedding and my dream is to have it on the beach at RIU Palace Mexico!! Since some guests are complaining that the resort is too expensive I was wondering if it would be ok to ask guests to just spend one night there (the night of the wedding....) and the rest of their vacation they can stay wherever they please. Has anybody done this or does anyone plan to do this??Do you think this is a good idea?

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The Riu isn't doing it to make life difficult for you and the family but to make sure that all of their guests have the vacation that they paid for.


Imagine if you were on vacation at a resort and a group of 50 people came in on a day pass for a wedding- the longer lines at the bars, additional people on the loungers and at the buffets and snack bars, let alone the public restrooms....more than likely you would be upset that you paid to stay there and yet now you have to wait to use the facilities! Add to that just the general change of atmosphere of having that many more people on site.


The resorts know what the general capacity is for the facilities and where the comfort level is, based on their room capacity. So if 80% of your guests are already accounted for in the rooms then they can accomodate a few extras without interferring with the other guests enjoyment.


I'd let the family know that while you understand their economic worries that this is where you & FI had dreamed of for just the two of you for your wedding. That while you would love for them all to attend, and that is why you decided to invite them , that you completely understand if they can't make it but the policy of the resort is that 80% of the guests have to be on site and the rest have to pay for a day pass and transportation to the resort. Let them know why the resort requires the 80% rule. Hopefully they will get it and not give you anymore grief!


Oh yeah- the one night thing- more than likely the Riu will not allow a one night stay- especially during high season- it will probably be a 3 night minimum. Not that they are trying to be difficult- it's just that if they rent those rooms for one day that's 25 rooms ( or whatever the number would be ) that they could not rent to others who would need them for a week or a 5 night stay . Usually the Riu Palace sells out during February so they will not be willing to risk empty rooms. You never know though but I would double check before offering it as a possble solution.

TA Jennifer

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