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White Bikini - Where did you get yours?

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I came across this site the other day: Ginger's Island Wear


You can get a totally custom bikini made, and I mean custom! You can pick the coverage, the type of tie, the thickness of padding, how much lining, and everything is made to your measurements! They'll even send you a sample in the mail so you know it fits perfectly. I think I may give them a try.

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Originally Posted by IMPPEARL View Post
Does anyone have any ideas for a swim suit (one piece) for my mom? She usually just wears a butterfly back sports suit, but I want to get her something cute (also something she'd still be comfy in). She's not a big lady, 10 maybe...
I just got this one LOLË Collection & LOLË Collection (I know you said one piece but this is like a one piece but in two pieces and I'm between a size 8 to 10 so I got a medium). I love the bathing suits made by this company and they seem to fit a more mature body better than some other brands.

I know a friend who got one from them last year and it is great! I went to a local store and tried on similar styles and then they ordered it for me in the colour and size I wanted. I paid $110 for both pieces so it wasn't cheap but I feel great in it.

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