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    Posted 28 April 2008 - 11:25 PM

    Originally Posted by MikkiStreak
    I would love to have a hybrid, but like Trish pointed out---- they aren't really going to provide enough gas savings to make the purchase worth it. To add to that--- make sure to compare how the maintenance prices for a hybrid compares to regular vehicles. If I remember correctly, hybrids use different oil, and because replacement parts aren't "mainstream" yet, they tend to be more expensive. Also, check the lifespan of the fuel cell (I think that's what it is called) because I've heard the replacement cost is about $5k. (Not sure on that tho...)

    Also, insurance rates increase the more expensive a vehicle is to repair when damaged---- so definitely check insurance rates before buying because you could see a significant increase when purchasing a hybrid.
    I've also heard the battery is expensive to replace.

    I'm sticking with a small car for now. I have a honda civic, but I love the new Honda Fit. it's surprisingly roomy, cheap & gets great gas milage. My next car will be a small SUV like a subaru forrester. That will be the car that tows kids & a dog. The hybrids are not enticing enough for me to get rid of my civic. I hope there is a great option in 3-4 years when I'm ready for my next car.

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      Posted 29 April 2008 - 09:49 AM

      Prior to getting my Prius I had a Civic, but Fi had a Xterra. We traded in the Xterra for the Prius and it was the best decision.

      My insurance did not increase. It is the same as the Civic was and the Civic is a 99 and the Prius is an 08. I am not sure how that worked, but I was happy.

      Also, the oil changes are not more expensive, you just have to get them at the Toyota dealership as they have all of the parts for the Prius.

      As far as repairs - the new toyota hybrids come with a 7 year electrical part warranty and a 5 year powertrain warranty. So if anything happens to the battery, which is very unlikely, it is covered for the first 7 years. Because the Prius has been out for over 5 years you can look at the history of issues with the batteries and there really have not been many.

      I am so happy with my Prius, I love it!!

      However, I agree that if I had a Civic or something small that got good gas milage I would not trade it in for a new car if it was working fine. However, if I was in the market for a new car I would look at a Hybrid. Also, you can still get a tax credit on many hybrids (just not Toyotas).

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