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Michael and Kristy


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Welcome! You will find a lot of helpful info here! I don't know much about the weddings at EDR, but I'm honeymooning there and I can't wait! I've heard great things about it!

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Welcome, I'm so excited to see all the pics from you EDR wedding gals! It is a buetifull resort for a wedding and Ive only heard great things about it. Have you been in touch with their WC? I would shoot her an e-mail. Supposedly they are very good to work with in regards to weddings.


As for photographers, geez there are so many great ones out there but I believe that in order to bring an outside photographer into the resort they must be a "guest". This is just what I have read other places so I could be wrong. But this goes with most AI resorts in the RM which is kind of a bummer.


Some great photogs to name a couple!

Johnathen (he posted in your thread first page)

Elizabeth Medina

Leigh Miller

Sol Tomargo

Juan Carlos Tapia


As far as flowers music etc goes the resort cordinator should be able to help you with all these things.

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