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Debit/bank cards that earn miles?

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CONTINENTAL AIR has partners with a lot of banks


Both me and the hubby use Chase bank; we get rewarded miles for every $ I spend on the debit card; plus miles for eating out and shopping at Shoprite!


Continental also allows people to donate to your account as a gift!


We also try to use Continental Air each time I travel; by the time wedding came about, we had the choice of either using all our miles to purchase first class tix, or just upgrade.. It was cheaper for us to upgrade from coach to first for 30k miles a person.

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Thank you for all of these ideas!


I guess I should probably try to figure out which airlines we'd be most likely to fly.


Bank of america has two choice

Alaska airlines and US Airways.


we flew us airways to mexico and they sucked! But bank of america is convenient where we live because they're all over the place. And I don't know if Alaska airlines would always be available for places we wanted to go.


I'll have to check into continental and united and see if the banks associated with them have branches near us.

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