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Officiant Review - Cynthia Smoot

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We recently spoke to our wedding planner and advised her of our struggles with finding someone to serve as an officiant for our wedding. I guess that is also due to the requirements I have regarding the officiant. I was really looking to have an officiant that will take some time and put together a custom message that is applicable to us, rather than some vanilla message that is given to everyone else. More importantly, I wanted someone who could put some time into getting to know us more (via phone conversations and at least one in-person meeting sometime the week we arrive, prior to the wedding).


She recommended that I call Cynthia Smoot and chat with her. To my surprise, Cynthia was very happy to hear about my desires with regards to how I want the ceremony message structured. It just means so much more to the bride and groom when the officiant can actually speak about something relevant to us. Cynthia advised us that she is a writer and will be happy to take some time to get to know us any way she can.


As of now, I'm looking forward to our conversations with her and crossing fingers that she can come through. I really wish I could meet and greet all of my vendors, but unfortunately, due to budget and vacation time constraints, it's just me, my computer, and my phone.


If you wanted to talk to Cynthia, her website is here.

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