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catholic ceremonies in PV

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Hi everyone,

I was wondering...is anyone planning to have (or has already had) a Catholic wedding ceremony in PV? My fiance and I are both Catholic, but neither of us are really practicing, and I have some issues with the Catholic church (let's just say my liberal feminist views conflict with a lot of what the Church preaches...msnwink.gif). Anyway, I swore I'd never get married in a Catholic Church, but now it looks like that's exactly what's going to happen, because it's very important to our families, especially for Ramiro's family (they're Mexican, so it's a huge cultural thing). Basically, it's just not worth it to "make waves" by having a non-denominational ceremony.

Here's my question...does anyone know if there's any flexibility with how the ceremony is conducted? I just want to make sure the priest doesn't say anything that's completely against what I believe to be true about MY marriage or about life in general, but I'm not sure if he's going to be open to my suggestions. Are we obligated to follow the format of a Catholic wedding ceremony, or can we have some input into how it's done and what is said?

Thanks for your help, everyone!


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