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Cancun Wedding Video Review - Feb 21, 2011
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Cancun Wedding Video Professional Wedding Videography

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By mbarnes04, · 301 Views · 4 Comments

Pros: amazing work, friendly, professional, prompt, creative, well-priced, fast turn-around
Cons: no cons!! :)

I’m pretty sure there is no one on earth better than Cancun Wedding Video! I got my highlight video three days ago and I am completely obsessed with watching it – it’s like reliving the day all over again, because they caught every single special moment and really captured the feeling of the entire day. I haven’t received my full video yet, but I can’t believe it would be anything less than perfect. I feel so lucky to have found Mike and his team through this board – every review I read spoke so highly of them. I was more excited about hiring them than anyone else and they have not disappointed me one bit.


As far as in-person, they are great – they arrived early and ready to work. They are very friendly and super professional. After the getting-ready shots were over, I never even noticed they were there. I know they stay super busy (they have to film AND edit) but always kept in communication with me and I received the highlight video very fast, and the full video is scheduled to be here a week early.  


I looked at other wedding videographers in Cancun but not only are they priced competitively, no one else comes close to their quality of work (in my opinion) – you can really tell they love what they do.

Honestly, I can’t say enough about them! Their work speaks for itself – every video they film and produce is a wonderful masterpiece. If you’re considering whether or not it’s in your budget, cut your guest list because you won’t regret it ;)


Here’s my video: http://vimeo.com/20734399


Best of luck!



UPDATE APRIL 8, 2011: I just got my wedding video yesterday and it is BEYOND AMAZING! Seriously, these guys rock... they are the very best at what they do. Captured every moment perfectly. WOW!!


love your video! I will have to check them out! Roughly how much did it cost you, if you don't mind me asking?


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Thank you!! :)

I got the 5 hour package which gives you about 1 hour of edited video for $1,200 (according to last year's prices... not sure if it's changed)... the highlight videos are extra. Honestly, that is cheaper or the same as anywhere else I found, and the quality of work from Cancun Wedding Video is incomparable, in my opinion.

With 5 hours I think we covered all of the important moments (other than my husband's aunt face planting after trying to catch the bouquet and failed, LOL) - but I would have loved to have them longer. It just wasn't in our budget.


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Wow, that's awesome! I wouldn't think I would need more than 5 hours, so that is definetly helpful! LOL, that is pretty funny, that would have been priceless to have had that in the video! :)


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Thank you SO much for sharing, I'm rearranging my budget to try to include that package after seeing your video.


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