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By AndyandChelsea, · 890 Views · 0 Comments

Pros: Andreea & Staff, Location, Music, Food, Photographer, Decor, Boat Ride
Cons: Only thing I can remotely think of would be that the walk from the boat to the location was a little long, especially for our 1 guest in a wheelchair but the staff was incredible and carried the wheelchair anywhere it was too difficult or dangerous

My wife and I were recently married at Las Caletas on 4-4-19 and we've had a couple days now to come back from our eupohoria. Honestly, we couldn't have hoped for a better, more perfect wedding. Whether you are someone considering Las Caletas, or someone who has already decided upon Las Caletas and are just reading reviews to get amped up for your big day (this was us, probably reread the reviews on here 5 times, always getting more excited than the last time), your wedding at Las Caletas will for sure be the best day of your life!

I would love to keep this post short and to the point but that would be a disservice to all of the hard work the Adventure Weddings team put into making our day unforgettable. 

1) We first want to thank Andreea, our wedding planner. There are not enough good things we can say about her. First, dealing with my wife and I probably wasn't the easiest. Not because we are monsters or anything but my wife is a very organized, Type A personality. It was not easy for her to get over the fact that she would not be able to get to see how everything turned out until the very day of the wedding. Andreea made all of that a moot point. Once we got her 3 months before the wedding, she was available at all times of the day, and was able to communicate with us as often as we needed. She made my wife feel as at-ease as is possible for her, which I appreciated more than you can imagine.  When the day of the wedding finally arrived, she nailed every detail! Couldn't be any more thankful to Andreea and her whole team for everything they did.

2) The food: the food was bomb.  Plain and simple. It wasn't really something we were worried about because all the reviews we read were positive; and they weren't wrong. Everything I ate was absolutely delicious. There was more than enough food for our 50 guests and I'd be willing to bet at least 50% went back for seconds. On top of that, there were a ton of desserts. Also, to make things more efficient, dinner was served at two separate but identical buffets, in order to get everyone fed more quickly. That was something I wasn't expecting, but was nice because it allowed us to get to dancing earlier😀

3) The music was  excellent. Usually, I'm not a big music guy but DJ Rafa did a very good job of keeping everyone on the dance floor. The dance floor also has coordinated lights (yellow, purple, green, etc) that change according to song and rhythm and really made the vibe feel very professional. You can tell that this team has put on a lot of weddings. You know that the music is good when the dancing is not just relegated to the dance floor, but people on the sand, around the bonfire, and up at the reception area are also jamming out.  

4) The location is legitimately the most beautiful place I have ever been. Then on top of that, how the adventure weddings team adds subtle details to accentuate that beauty was also impressive. One example that comes to mind is the path to the bathrooms. The path itself is cool because its up stone stairs and kind of through some forest type foliage. However, at night it was lined with little candles (votives or motives or something like that) and had a total "Survivor" feel to it that I thought was so damn legit. Also, what could be better than having the ocean as the background noise to your wedding? 

5) Our photographer Christian, was also very, very good. You can tell when someone comes in strapped with 2 separate cameras hanging from both sides that they mean business. I'll be the first to admit that I hate taking pictures, especially next to my wife, because she's way out of my league. But Christian and team has already sent us a sneak peek of our pictures (yes, 5 days later), and I hold my own haha. He made sure he was involved in everything, and from the sneak peak, I'm especially excited for all of the candid shots, because the few I have seen have truly captured the excitement and joy of everyone at the wedding. We are so excited to see the remaining pictures! 

6) Last thing I want to talk about is the boat ride back. For me, that may have been my favorite part. For those of you who aren't super familiar with what the day of the wedding looks like, after the wedding, you take an hr ride back to the marina on a catamaran with your whole wedding party. On this ride, the DJ comes back, plays music and there is an open bar. This was a fun a$$ hour, let me tell you. There's basically a dance floor on the boat, but there is also 2 levels with seating for those looking to unwind from the day's activities. The boat ride back was the perfect ending to a perfect wedding. 

Anyways, woof, that was long. But it was all true, and it needed to be said. My wife and I are still kind of on cloud nine so we're probably a little partial, but we are so thankful for everyone who was a part of making our big day what it was. If you're debating choosing Las Caletas for your wedding, please realize that I just took roughly an hour and a half writing a review that I am by no means required to write. I did so because 1) our experience was that good and 2) if I can help someone else feel what my wife I feel right now, you better believe I'm gonna try to make that happen. Anyways, there's still probably things that I missed but thank you thank you thank you, Andreea, Christian, and everyone at Adventure Weddings. 


Andy & Chelsea


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