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    Adventure Weddings Las Caletas

    Perfect Wedding

    Pros: Andreea & Staff, Location, Music, Food, Photographer, Decor, Boat Ride
    Cons: Only thing I can remotely think of would be that the walk from the boat to the location was a little long, especially for our 1 guest in a wheelchair but the staff was incredible and carried the wheelchair anywhere it was too difficult or dangerous
    My wife and I were recently married at Las Caletas on 4-4-19 and we've had a couple days now to come back from our eupohoria. Honestly, we couldn't have hoped for a better, more perfect wedding. Whether you are someone considering Las Caletas, or someone who has already decided upon Las Caletas and are just reading reviews to get amped up for your big day (this was us, probably reread the reviews on here 5 times, always getting more excited than the last time), your wedding at Las Caletas will f
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