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If you want the most amazing, breath-taking, masterpiece photos for your wedding; Book Sarani Photo!
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Sarani Weddings Photography and Videography

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By Berg999, · 573 Views · 0 Comments

Pros: Everything~! Photo and video like art! Beautiful, magical, great client service
Cons: Nothing! Pricey but WORTH every penny!

My Experience: After choosing to have a destination wedding in Mexico at a Karisma resort and researching their approved photo vendors, I immediately fell in love with the work of Sarani Photography. From Day 1 of the planning process, Sarani Photography was my first choice for  my wedding day photos and videos and the first vendor I contacted, put deposit down for and hired. Sarani and her team’s work is absolutely breathtaking and speaks for itself but the stellar reviews just sealed the deal. I did find they were on the pricier side of photography/videography but personally felt that photos and video was the most important thing to have and budget for. My photos and video cost half of my wedding budget and as tough as that can be to swallow for some, I knew their work was unique and would be worth the cost when I saw the final product. There is no competition with their work versus the cheaper choices out there as it is quite clear with Sarani and her team; you are getting not only photos of that day, but one of a kind ART to cherish for life.  Not only are they skilled with obtaining the best photos possible but the editing they do is truly talent.  Sarani was very responsive and friendly via email as I was bugging her for information early on and trying to reserve her more than 14 months in advance. I was fairly devastated when I was informed that Sarani herself would be out of the country on vacation as she does every September (my wedding date being Sep.9, 2016) and would not be available to do my photos. She did suggest hiring someone else from her team and from various sources; I was assured that Lunic had a similar style to Sarani. So after reviewing each team member’s photos, I myself, concluded that Lunic indeed was most similar style to Sarani and chose to book with her. I attended the Bride’s Dress Rehearsal Karisma resorts does at El Dorado Royale a year before my wedding and actually got to meet Lunic beforehand. She was a fiery and spicy but sweet personality from the moment I met her and remained such on the wedding day. From that time on, I obsessively watched every video and saw every photo they have ever done up until I left for my wedding.


Lunic and her 3 team members (2 to do video) did arrive on time, in a fushia pink uniform top and black pants easy to recognize and ready to go to start shooting “getting ready” photos. The plan was to do a “first look” session before the ceremony but unfortunately, due to my hired makeup and hair team, I was not ready in time to do those photos and was actually 30 minutes behind schedule for the ceremony. This really limited how much and how many photos we could get done after the ceremony before the sunset and the reception began. It was very stressful and one of my biggest regrets for choosing a makeup and hair vendor who misjudged the amount of time to get ready and therefore, took away valuable and irreplaceable photo taking time. Again, this was of no fault to Lunic and her team as they had to make the best of the situation alongside us and they did great. I did, however, get some pushback from Lunic after the ceremony when I told her I wanted to get group photos. She was very focused on the time and that group shots can be time consuming and wanting to get as many “wedding couple” photos as possible; which I can appreciate that a lot but for us, we also wanted to quickly capture a few group photos with our family and friends, as they had spent a lot of money to travel to be at our wedding and they were just as important for us to get photos with. Lunic did graciously relent to my wishes and like a pro quickly assembled everyone to get the shots.


Looking back, it all was very rushed (not their fault or ours) and we did not get several shots we had hoped for such as more photos with our bridal party members but the ones we did get were fabulous. We rushed down to the beach and pier and tried to get as many shots as possible with the sun setting and the start of the reception looming down upon us. All 4 of the team were with us shooting video and photo; which was nice for comprehensive service but I do wish one of them had gone to the cocktail hour to get photos of the guests and especially of all the small but awesome décor and details of the reception.  There a few detail focused shots I would have liked more of such as of the guestbook table, table set up, koozies favors, shot glass favors, sunglasses with our names on them, bridal party koozies, décor like guest book/tree, tribute collage to deceased family, centerpieces,  decorative paper bag lighting, speciality drink and sign, and OUR CAKE. They did get some of these photos, which is nice, but I suppose because I spent a year worrying about every little detail of décor and favors and such, I would have liked those small details captured. Fortunately, a family member did think to take a good amount of those kinds of photos on their camera. This is a small issue and does not overshadow any of their work I promise! I am just OCD and a perfectionist! Lol.


During the reception, they were around taking photos and videos but did not interfere with the party; which was great. They were receptive to the guests and all the fun and crazy antics that ensued and were there to capture all of the off the cuff moments like some of my guests ending up in their underwear on the dancefloor (reception was on the beach with a light up dance floor) and my groomsmen stripping down to wedding colored speedos and doing an impromptu dance on/for me the bride. At the end of the reception, we attempted with Lunic and her team to try and get Sparkler lit photos on the beach with them but they were not able to capture the shots unfortunately. Though they were determined to try and get the shot for us. Looking back now, should’ve nixed the sparkler idea but you live and learn!


After everything was said and done and our wedding day came and went, we had no idea how our photos would turn out and we were nervous about them for the next 2 months. Sarani had assured me what date the photos would arrive and was more than willing to accommodate my requests for certain editing of the photos and extra video footage. She also sent me 5 proofs to choose from to make the promotional thank you postcards to send our guests. After seeing the 5 proofs, I felt such a relief! They were stunning! I couldn’t wait to see the rest of the photos. The photos arrived by the date Sarani promised. Customs had clearly opened the box and resealed it. I did receive everything though. It was all packaged nicely and beautiful with several Blu-ray DVDs in personalized cases for our wedding video along with a personalized CD disk case of 2 disks of our photos and mini-video clip. The photos were ABSOLUTELY amazing and beautiful and all my fears I had suddenly felt silly. They edited the photos beautifully and honored my requests. SO grateful for that!  Anything I might have been insecure about or thought would ruin the photos was non-existent and I looked more beautiful in them than I thought possible. They were better than I ever could have imagined and edited so magically with an overall dreamy look and unique backgrounds.  Sarani gifted us with 2 larger prints of 2 different shots and presented them nicely in the package. Very excellent quality prints. They will however require customized framing as the sizing is not common, but nonetheless, a thoughtful gesture and a nice touch. Sarani was also kind enough to honor two requests when it came to the videography and I am grateful for both (one for the wedding day and one for the package delivery). The video of our wedding day was better than any I had ever seen. They made sure to include and capture everything important that day and were able to quickly flash through parts of the day/night that could’ve made the video drag like other wedding videos. It was beautifully edited and put together very professional. The mini-clip which included a song chosen by them is absolutely perfect! I can honestly say I have watched it a 1000 times by now and counting as it is amazing and edited in a perfect manner to quickly highlight the day in 4 minutes.  I had never heard the song they used before, but I love it now and feel it was perfect for the feel of our day in that clip. Sarani also went out of her way several months later after receiving the photos to find a few photos of us in specific poses that we felt were missing from our original package and we are grateful for that extra mile she went. It shows that once you are a client of theirs, their service does not just end after the deliver their product to you; they maintain their service to their clients as much as needed. That’s huge and definitely a sign of good character and people to work with.



Overall, I am HIGHLY satisfied with booking Sarani Wedding Photography and Video and have heard nothing but raving positive reviews from everyone who has seen our photos. Not one person I know who got married and posted photos, has unique and beautiful photos like ours. Our photos are truly ART and breath-taking and I only wish we could have had more time just to have taken tons more. I can definitely highly recommend Sarani, Lunic and her team over and over again and hope to one day soon go back to Mexico and have them do more photos for us maybe for a anniversary or vow renewal in the future. THANK YOU SARANI, LUNIC and team! Mucho Amor! 


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