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Based in Cancun, Mexico we are a Destination Weddings Specialized Studio. We expertly capture the memories and moments of one of your most special days in your life: your wedding, through beautiful photography and cinematography.

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By Jfappaino, · 0 Comments

I used Sarani studios for my photography and videography on April 6 2018 for my desitination wedding at Azul Five in Mexico
I am could be happier with the decision I made with this group 
They were an absolute pleasure to work with from day 1 
Emails were quick and efficient making the planning process as smooth as can be
The day of they made everything run perfectly on point from getting ready photos to the last second of the night
My pictures were completely beyond me expectations
The video was absolutely unbelievable I can not stop watching it
I would highly recommend this company to anyone 

By VBJohnson, · 0 Comments

Pros: Effective Communication, Perfect Execution, Flexibility, Wicked Sense of Humor, Exceptional Eye to Uniquely Photograph, and the list goes on...
Cons: Absolutely nothing!
While searching and inquiring for potential photographers and videographers, I stumbled upon Sarani’s website. I was struck in awe of her beautiful photographs! Without even meeting her, we could easily tell how passionate she was about photography and how much she LOVED to photograph. Her personality came off so magnetic and capturing, she understood exactly what we were looking for, asked whether we’d personally like to see something different, and actually made the magic happen. Perfect execution is my favorite part!!! Our minds were determined to have her play a significant role in our wedding events to capture the most beautiful of moments. From the time we made our first contact via email to the many skype dates to ensure we all were on the same page till we had our photographs in hand and were able to view and approve, Sarani held our hands the entire time. Our wedding was an Indian wedding held over 3 days with 5 different events at the beautiful Barcelo Maya Grand Resort with a bonus underwater photoshoot. Sarani and her team arrived early and left late at EVERY event. We never felt rushed in any way!    For the first event, Mehndi (henna night), I wore a designer dress I won as part of a contest from India. Sarani communicated with the designers as to how they would like me and the dress photographed to send to them for marketing purposes. For the Pithi & Grah Shanti (a pre-wedding religious ceremony), Sarani’s right hand, Lunic, made a point to give some time to the paparazzi photographing us with cell phones and personal cameras and thereafter, respectfully moving them out of the way, so that she could get in pictures of us without any visual noise. For Garba (folk dance) night, Sarani’s exceptional eye to uniquely photograph came through with the use of mirrors and bangles. If they caught me making gestures that did not help me look attractive in the photographs, they came and told me how they would like for me to change it. I have always respected honesty! For the morning of the wedding, Sarani’s team arranged for a first look exchange between Brian and I. Our rooms were not that far apart, therefore Sarani and Lunic coordinated the entire time and with appropriate persons on the team (videographers, assistants, etc.) to ensure we did not see each other until the very moment. And for the outdoor reception, we were surprised with heavy rain for a good 10 minutes. As soon as Sarani saw the clouds, she and her team ran to where the reception was and started clicking pictures before the rain drenched everything in its path. Sarani and her team captured it all before the rain and the photographs came out beyond stunning! Not to mention, she coordinated the reception sparklers because that was one thing I really wanted! The underwater photoshoot is beyond highly recommended! We had so much fun and the photographs were exceptional especially in the rainforest as we used a colorbomb! I only list the “little things” as part of each event because it goes to show us they did what they didn’t have or need to do.    Lastly, my family who has been to a countless number of Indian weddings all were amazed at Sarani and her team. They said they had never seen a group of photographers and videographers as efficient and organized as part of one team at a wedding prior to this. This makes a home run for us! As my husband, Brian and I celebrate our first year anniversary next week, there is truly one person and team to thank for helping us relive each and every moment – the so beautifully talented Sarani with her wicked sense of humor and her lovely team of photographers and videographers! They are the best photographers & videographers in Mexico! If we had to do it all over again, we wouldn’t think twice about selecting Sarani again and again...

By frenchfri082k, · 0 Comments

Pros: Excellent work, professional, fun, very attentive
Cons: none
Sarani and her team were excellent. She makes everything so easy. I highly recommend them for a destination wedding. We only used her photography service however, after receiving the pictures i wish we have gotten the video as well. Overall, it was money well spend and I would book her again in a heartbeat. Thanks Sarani

By annbpace, · 0 Comments

Pros: Stunning Photos!
Cons: None!
Sarani was very responsive by email prior to our wedding and was amazing at our wedding.  She really made us feel at ease and her and her assistant were true professionals.  The photos were amazing and really a great value for the end result!  We've received so many compliments on our photos!!  The photos, complimentary thank you cards and complimentary enlarged photo arrived nicely packaged and we're going to order an album.
Pros: Everything~! Photo and video like art! Beautiful, magical, great client service
Cons: Nothing! Pricey but WORTH every penny!
My Experience: After choosing to have a destination wedding in Mexico at a Karisma resort and researching their approved photo vendors, I immediately fell in love with the work of Sarani Photography. From Day 1 of the planning process, Sarani Photography was my first choice for  my wedding day photos and videos and the first vendor I contacted, put deposit down for and hired. Sarani and her team’s work is absolutely breathtaking and speaks for itself but the stellar reviews just sealed the deal. I did find they were on the pricier side of photography/videography but personally felt that photos and video was the most important thing to have and budget for. My photos and video cost half of my wedding budget and as tough as that can be to swallow for some, I knew their work was unique and would be worth the cost when I saw the final product. There is no competition with their work versus the cheaper choices out there as it is quite clear with Sarani and her team; you are getting not only photos of that day, but one of a kind ART to cherish for life.  Not only are they skilled with obtaining the best photos possible but the editing they do is truly talent.  Sarani was very responsive and friendly via email as I was bugging her for information early on and trying to reserve her more than 14 months in advance. I was fairly devastated when I was informed that Sarani herself would be out of the country on vacation as she does every September (my wedding date being Sep.9, 2016) and would not be available to do my photos. She did suggest hiring someone else from her team and from various sources; I was assured that Lunic had a similar style to Sarani. So after reviewing each team member’s photos, I myself, concluded that Lunic indeed was most similar style to Sarani and chose to book with her. I attended the Bride’s Dress Rehearsal Karisma resorts does at El Dorado Royale a year before my wedding and actually got to meet Lunic beforehand. She was a fiery and spicy but sweet personality from the moment I met her and remained such on the wedding day. From that time on, I obsessively watched every video and saw every photo they have ever done up until I left for my wedding.   Lunic and her 3 team members (2 to do video) did arrive on time, in a fushia pink uniform top and black pants easy to recognize and ready to go to start shooting “getting ready” photos. The plan was to do a “first look” session before the ceremony but unfortunately, due to my hired makeup and hair team, I was not ready in time to do those photos and was actually 30 minutes behind schedule for the ceremony. This really limited how much and how many photos we could get done after the ceremony before the sunset and the reception began. It was very stressful and one of my biggest regrets for choosing a makeup and hair vendor who misjudged the amount of time to get ready and therefore, took away valuable and irreplaceable photo taking time. Again, this was of no fault to Lunic and her team as they had to make the best of the situation alongside us and they did great. I did, however, get some pushback from Lunic after the ceremony when I told her I wanted to get group photos. She was very focused on the time and that group shots can be time consuming and wanting to get as many “wedding couple” photos as possible; which I can appreciate that a lot but for us, we also wanted to quickly capture a few group photos with our family and friends, as they had spent a lot of money to travel to be at our wedding and they were just as important for us to get photos with. Lunic did graciously relent to my wishes and like a pro quickly assembled everyone to get the shots.   Looking back, it all was very rushed (not their fault or ours) and we did not get several shots we had hoped for such as more photos with our bridal party members but the ones we did get were fabulous. We rushed down to the beach and pier and tried to get as many shots as possible with the sun setting and the start of the reception looming down upon us. All 4 of the team were with us shooting video and photo; which was nice for comprehensive service but I do wish one of them had gone to the cocktail hour to get photos of the guests and especially of all the small but awesome décor and details of the reception.  There a few detail focused shots I would have liked more of such as of the guestbook table, table set up, koozies favors, shot glass favors, sunglasses with our names on them, bridal party koozies, décor like guest book/tree, tribute collage to deceased family, centerpieces,  decorative paper bag lighting, speciality drink and sign, and OUR CAKE. They did get some of these photos, which is nice, but I suppose because I spent a year worrying about every little detail of décor and favors and such, I would have liked those small details captured. Fortunately, a family member did think to take a good amount of those kinds of photos on their camera. This is a small issue and does not overshadow any of their work I promise! I am just OCD and a perfectionist! Lol.   During the reception, they were around taking photos and videos but did not interfere with the party; which was great. They were receptive to the guests and all the fun and crazy antics that ensued and were there to capture all of the off the cuff moments like some of my guests ending up in their underwear on the dancefloor (reception was on the beach with a light up dance floor) and my groomsmen stripping down to wedding colored speedos and doing an impromptu dance on/for me the bride. At the end of the reception, we attempted with Lunic and her team to try and get Sparkler lit photos on the beach with them but they were not able to capture the shots unfortunately. Though they were determined to try and get the shot for us. Looking back now, should’ve nixed the sparkler idea but you live and learn!   After everything was said and done and our wedding day came and went, we had no idea how our photos would turn out and we were nervous about them for the next 2 months. Sarani had assured me what date the photos would arrive and was more than willing to accommodate my requests for certain editing of the photos and extra video footage. She also sent me 5 proofs to choose from to make the promotional thank you postcards to send our guests. After seeing the 5 proofs, I felt such a relief! They were stunning! I couldn’t wait to see the rest of the photos. The photos arrived by the date Sarani promised. Customs had clearly opened the box and resealed it. I did receive everything though. It was all packaged nicely and beautiful with several Blu-ray DVDs in personalized cases for our wedding video along with a personalized CD disk case of 2 disks of our photos and mini-video clip. The photos were ABSOLUTELY amazing and beautiful and all my fears I had suddenly felt silly. They edited the photos beautifully and honored my requests. SO grateful for that!  Anything I might have been insecure about or thought would ruin the photos was non-existent and I looked more beautiful in them than I thought possible. They were better than I ever could have imagined and edited so magically with an overall dreamy look and unique backgrounds.  Sarani gifted us with 2 larger prints of 2 different shots and presented them nicely in the package. Very excellent quality prints. They will however require customized framing as the sizing is not common, but nonetheless, a thoughtful gesture and a nice touch. Sarani was also kind enough to honor two requests when it came to the videography and I am grateful for both (one for the wedding day and one for the package delivery). The video of our wedding day was better than any I had ever seen. They made sure to include and capture everything important that day and were able to quickly flash through parts of the day/night that could’ve made the video drag like other wedding videos. It was beautifully edited and put together very professional. The mini-clip which included a song chosen by them is absolutely perfect! I can honestly say I have watched it a 1000 times by now and counting as it is amazing and edited in a perfect manner to quickly highlight the day in 4 minutes.  I had never heard the song they used before, but I love it now and feel it was perfect for the feel of our day in that clip. Sarani also went out of her way several months later after receiving the photos to find a few photos of us in specific poses that we felt were missing from our original package and we are grateful for that extra mile she went. It shows that once you are a client of theirs, their service does not just end after the deliver their product to you; they maintain their service to their clients as much as needed. That’s huge and definitely a sign of good character and people to work with.     Overall, I am HIGHLY satisfied with booking Sarani Wedding Photography and Video and have heard nothing but raving positive reviews from everyone who has seen our photos. Not one person I know who got married and posted photos, has unique and beautiful photos like ours. Our photos are truly ART and breath-taking and I only wish we could have had more time just to have taken tons more. I can definitely highly recommend Sarani, Lunic and her team over and over again and hope to one day soon go back to Mexico and have them do more photos for us maybe for a anniversary or vow renewal in the future. THANK YOU SARANI, LUNIC and team! Mucho Amor! 
Pros: Easy to work with and captured every single moment with out being all in my face.
Cons: A bit pricey but very much worth it. After all, it's all your left with when all is said and done.
I can't even begin to thank Sarani for such an amazing experience. They were perfect in every way. From beginning to end they were on point. Sarani always answered emails promptly and always made me feel comfortable. On site they were absolutely amazing! They captured every moment and we never felt like they were being intrusive. They went above and beyond and when you look at our pictures you can see the laughter and love that we were all feeling. I got my final video and pictures 3 months after the wedding and could not be happier with the results! If you are searching for a photographer and or videographer, do not hesitate to use Sarani. They are the best!!!     https://vimeo.com/181945552    http://www.saraniphotography.com/portfolio/lybeth-ramon-beach-wedding-at-sensatori/           http://www.bestdestinationwedding.com/products/sarani-weddings-photography-and-videography

By LindsayStefanski, · 0 Comments

Pros: Premium Quality and Professionalism, Literally Everything!
Cons: None
Sarani Photography and Videography in my opinion, is one of the best companies out there when it comes to capturing the magic of your wedding day. Sarani is a true expert in her trade and I could not be happier in choosing her as our photographer. I was first introduced to Sarani's work when we attended the bride's dress rehearsal at Karisma Resorts. I was absolutely speechless by her work, every picture was more breathtaking then the next so I knew when the time came I had to book Sarani. She was quick to respond when I reached out via email and answered any and all (which was many) of my questions I had without hesitation. After I booked Sarani I looked at her gallery online and even searched for videos and pictures online and I of course was not disappointed. The more and more I researched the happier I was with my choice. However, we all know anything can be found or changed online. I had to wait to see for myself. On my wedding day Sarani and her team were prompt and so polite, they were all an absolute pleasure to work with. Within 5 minutes of them being there I knew they were going to capture every perfect moment my husband and I would want. And wow were we right! We got all of our 1150 pictures within 2 months of our wedding and had our album, video and thank you postcards a few weeks after that. The turnaround time for everything was so quick but what was most impressive was the quality of every single picture. Some of the pictures could be postcards or advertisements because they are just so amazingly perfect! There was even a picture that I loved and wanted in our album so badly but wasn't sure because one of the groomsmen's eyes were shut in it. Sarani said no problem and edited the picture for us and made it look perfect, you couldn't even tell! Every emotion, every perfect moment was captured and we will now have them forever and that to me is priceless. Thank you so much to Sarani and her team of professionals for doing such an incredible job and for giving my husband and I all our perfect memories from our beautiful day on paper and video forever. I highly, highly recommend Sarani and her team. I promise you will not be disappointed!   Happy Husband and Wife :)

By jenna85, · 0 Comments

Pros: Everything is amazing!
Cons: I would only wanna get married once lol!
We are completely blown away with the quality of service and our end products. We hired them for photo and video 7 hr coverage with our package including a photo album, trash the dress session, a video highlights, and thank you cards. Everything is amazing! our photos are breathtaking and our video made us laugh and cry over and over. Its definitely something you'll want to watch over and over. Our photo album is gorgeous! I had Lunic as my main photographer and she was able to capture our wedding with our personalities in it. Their team is amazing! I couldn't believe how beautiful everything turned out. Our photos, videos, photo album, even our thank you cards! We are so grateful and completely satisfied with this wedding decision. It was definitely worth paying for! After everything in a wedding, the one thing we can always look back into are the photos and videos captured. I'm so glad that Sarani Weddings made this happen. Something worth treasuring for life.    I would like to just let the other brides know that they are not inexpensive but they are worth every penny. Photos and videos is very important for us. Its what we would physically will be holding onto after the wedding aside from our love for each other. We definitely did our research and we wanted only the best not just for photos but also for videos. The fact that Sarani offers both services definitely helps with the vendor fees if there are any you have to pay. Our wedding guests and friends are so amazed with our photos and our wedding video highlight is the best! Thank you again Sarani for the wonderful service!   Here's the link to our wedding video highlights: https://vimeo.com/160636262
  The link to our wedding photo blog: http://www.saraniweddings.com/weddings/gallery/jenna-jeffrey-dreams-riviera/
  Our TTD session photo blog: http://www.saraniweddings.com/weddings/gallery/jenna-jeffrey/
Pros: Stunning Photos, Speed of Production, Creativity, Quality of Service,and Very Energetic
Cons: No Cons whatsoever. are you kidding me!!!!!!!
Sarani is REMARKABLE, words cannot explain the fantastic photos she delivers. We had a 3 day wedding to which Sarani was with us for two days. Her group and Sarani came early in the morning prepared, and on time with visions of photo/video shots and made attempts to satisfy our every wish. Sarani not only is a good photographer but even after working with different couples so often she does not get tired of helping each couple with what they want. I felt like every couple was a new couple to her, she made sure she calmed our nerves, filled out hearts with excitement and just kept our spirits going on our wedding days. Although the weather was not participating in our celebration, Sarani came back out on a day that was sunny to make sure before we left to US, she would capture some photos on a nice day in our attire. After much contemplation we kept going back to Sarani because we really loved how unique her photos were and we felt that we couldn’t find that style anywhere else and more importantly her photos didn’t look like anyone else’s. Sarani is definitely not the cheapest option but you always get what you pay for and the video and photos are priceless. Guest will eat food, drink the drinks, and decorations will be gone but photos and videos are there forever. If you do choose Sarani the money would be well worth it as the pictures she captures are totally stunning.    There was a bit of an issue (through Shipping) with our Album and Sarani was sincere enough to send a replacement album without hesitation even though it wasn’t her fault. That is the type of person Sarani and her team is. She will go over and beyond to make the Client happy and will capture all the things you mention that are important. Sarani’s email responses are fairly quick and she explains everything to you beforehand several months before the big day so there is no confusion. The team also sends you everything in the contract within the time frame or less. They sent us all of our pictures, video, DVDs, album very quickly, so you don’t need to worry about not receiving your items in a timely fashion.   When you choose Sarani make sure you spend the extra money to do the Trash The Dress session. The pics that come under water is stunning, amazing, breath taking. Many of our family and friends are in awe every time they see pictures we received. Sarani and her team are able to capture moments, you think are not photo worthy but when you see the final product you just are in disbelief of how incredible the setting is. We were speechless when we saw our Album and the pictures that were sent. Honestly the album sent was the best we have ever seen and our friends and family have said the same, those who got married and have an album themselves.   Sarani did our Trash The Dress, Pithi Ceremony, Mendhi Party, Hindu & Christian Wedding Ceremony and our Reception. Sarani is definitely a talented photographer who stunned a lot of our family and friends with her ability to take amazing photos. We have priceless photos and video moments that we will cherish and will always be grateful for. We would definitely refer Sarani to any couple who is getting married in Mexico          

By Lilgabri03, · 0 Comments

I got married on May 12th 2015 in Riviera Maya. I started researching my wedding in late 2013, so I have been waiting to write this review for almost two years! I am a highly analytical and research orientated person. Just to give you an idea, I went through 7 travel agents before I settled on one that I liked.  Picking photographers was no different. This will be a very, detailed and comprehensive review. I contacted close to 15 for quotes and studied reviews and photographs of each company. Sarani was one of the ones that I kept going back to. Sarani’s price was a bit higher than most photographers, however if you have looked at her portfolio you will understand why. It took a really long time for me to make this decision because I am a perfectionist and wanted to make sure that I hired the right company. In the end, I just kept going back to Sarani because I really loved how unique her photos were and I felt that I couldn’t find that style anywhere else and more importantly her photos didn’t look like anyone else’s.  I will say, she was well worth the money.                Sarani is a fantastic communicator and in a period where I could barely get a response from wedding coordinators, it was very nice to have someone with quick response times. Sarani is generally very quick to respond to email which I greatly, greatly appreciated. Sarani was very patient with me, I can tend to be very demanding and annoying (I completely image Sarani laughing right now as she is reading this) but she took everything with a grain of salt and was very professional and helpful. I communicated with her constantly, I went down six months prior and I met her as well during a Karisma bride’s dress rehearsal so by the time we got to my wedding day, I felt I knew her very well.                On my wedding day, I had five people total. Two photographers, two videographers and a lighting assistant I believe. They were very prompt and very professional. I really liked that they all wear a uniform which makes it easy to spot them. Throughout the entire wedding, I hardly noticed that they were there and I really appreciated that Sarani got all the shots I asked her to get like the group shot which was very important to me. Something small to note here, and this is by no fault Sarani’s, more of an FYI for future brides (I should have thought of this in advance). Make yourself a list of who you want to get formal portrait photo’s done with and send it to her. In the chaos and time crunch, I didn’t get any photos with a single one of my friends and most of my close family members which I really didn’t think about prior. It’s the one thing that I deeply regret as looking back; I literally don’t have a single one of any of those. Speaking of time crunch, make sure you have enough time. I didn’t do a first look and in hindsight maybe I should have, because we were really running behind schedule and only had a cocktail hour to do family photos and the couples photo shoot. As most weddings do, we were running behind schedule so I asked her team to stay another hour.                We also did a trash the dress session in a private cenote two days after our wedding and this was absolutely amazing and I don’t regret it for a second. FYI brides, this is much harder than it looks! Between the up and down, and hold your breath and looking attractive, we were exhausted by the end of it.                Now, onto after the wedding and receiving everything. I believe we were told a certain number of weeks to wait and it took exactly that much time. Don’t rush her to finish even though you really, really want too J The first thing we received was the sneak peak. It was a fantastic sneak peak, however I will say that there were some regular photographs that I received later that I thought were better than what was included in the sneak peak but it doesn’t matter in the end since you get them all anyway. After the sneak peak, I believe we got all the wedding photos on a very neatly and beautifully packaged USB Drive. Sarani and her team did a great job narrowing down the selections so I didn’t have thousands of photos to go through. Overall, I am incredibly happy with how all the photo’s turned out. She really knows how to capture the day. By the way, those couples’ photos that you see in her portfolio, you know the ones…the ones that make you want to hire her; They all look like that in case you are wondering, ours were no exception and were just as gorgeous!                After the photos were received we got the trailer for our wedding movie. I was especially nervous about this because I had seen 0 video footage up until this point. I didn’t realize that I wouldn’t even be able to pick the song and I was super nervous for the song choice. However, I was so happy with the trailer. Honestly, this was probably one of the best things of the entire package. Sarani’s team picked a perfect song for me and they highlighted the best parts of the movie. Six months later I still watch this almost every day! A few weeks later we then received the Video DVD/Blu-Ray and a beautiful canvas Sarani had printed us with a signature pose. Now, I will say we did have some issues with the DVD but this was more from an editing point of view. Our wedding was not a typical wedding so I feel that we had a whole ton of footage to show, and we wanted to see everything. I didn’t want anything edited out so the first video that came wasn’t all that great. The quality was phenomenal but all the things I wanted to see weren’t in there and there were a bunch of things I didn’t want to see that were in there. However, I wrote a very detailed list as to what I wanted fix and for the most part they fixed and edited about 90% of it. At that point they sent us a new DVD and we were much happier.                Then it came time to work on the photo album, we ended up going with the most expensive option which turned out to be a huge book (might have been able to pick the smaller book! J I spent weeks narrowing down the photo selections which was very difficult but finally sent Sarani our selections. I loved this part when she put them all in an editing website and I was able to see the exact book I was going to get. We had a few rounds of edits but nothing major. A few weeks later, our beautiful album arrived in an equally beautiful case cover. The case was a bit damaged en route however they replaced it no problem.                Overall, we are super, super happy we choose Sarani. We get compliments constantly on how beautiful our wedding photos turned out. I am so glad that our wedding photos are as unique as can be and I don’t have typical cookie cutter wedding photos! Thank you again to Sarani and her marvelous team. I am sad that my wedding is over and I can’t do this again, however if I could do this again, I would hire them again in a second J
Pros: Stunning Photos, Speed of Production, Commitment & Quality of Service!!!
Cons: A little pricey, but she's sooooooooo worth it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Sarani is absolutely amazing!!! She was very professional and easy to work with, and her photos are absolutely stunning! Exactly what I was looking for to capture our perfect day and to be able to remember forever and always! Thank you Sarani!!!! We couldn't have asked for more beautiful memories!! Simply stunning!!!  :)

By emb0017, · 0 Comments

Pros: Unique, creative, quality
Cons: Noneeeee
I just want to point out that I am VERY critical and hard to please...I also spent hourrrrrssssss researching....and I am SO impressed with Sarani!

Here's some of the Facebook comments my trash the dress pictures received:

-Um...these are completely gorgeous. I actually gasped when they came up on my feed. Congratulations!!! :)

-These are breathtaking! Wow!

-Omg these are some of the best pictures I have ever seen

-Beutiful and timeless!

-I am IN LOVE with these!!
Pros: Communication with Sarani, her team on our wedding day, photo and video quality and editing, Sarani herself.
Cons: Not having a Sarani clone to live with us and photograph every special day!
After having seen Sarani’s portfolio, we were highly anticipating our own photos and video, but nothing could have prepared us for how impossibly AMAZING they are! Better than a dream come true. The way she captured every moment, every important relationship and candid moment proves Sarani is absolutely unmatched in her field. From the booking process through photo delivery, Sarani was easy to communicate with and a true professional. She helped us find the perfect package to suit our needs and cared so much about making sure it was right. Her eye for finding beauty in all things is unreal, and her team- the “Pink Army” as I called them!- were just as much a joy to work with. They were on time, professional, respectful of us and our unique families and somehow captured every moment of our day without being intrusive. From the moment she arrived, she felt like part of the family and every single one of our guests have mentioned how hard-working Sarani and her team are, and all are absolutely stunned at the quality of our photos and video. None of us knew beauty like this was possible until we saw it through Sarani’s lens. She has a gift you cannot believe is real, until you see yourselves as she sees you. We have looked at our album and video at least 50 times and have yet to do so without crying in joy! All couples have different budgets, and Sarani is not the least expensive option available, but do you want to take a chance on something as important as your wedding memories? Photography was the largest piece of our wedding budget, and not only was it worth every penny and more, we would make the same choice a thousand times over. Food is eaten and flowers die, but you will have these memories forever. Aside from choosing each other as husband and wife, hiring Sarani was the best decision we made for our wedding. Thank you, Sarani! You are a true artist and a cherished friend for life. Brooke & George 5-5-15
Pros: Her creative play with light, the emotions captured on film
I researched a lot of photographers for our big day. From the second I found Sarani, her shots literally took my breath away, enough that my fiancé (now husband) even agreed we should contact her! From day one the communication was awesome, always willing to help and worked with us to find a package that would work with our budget and needs. On the day of, Sarani is professional, quick, and goes above and beyond to get you shots you would have never thought of. I had numerous members of our group comment to me later, you could just see her thinking where her next place to shoot would be. She kept me calm, and truthfully in the moments of my day. Our pictures - stunning! I can feel the emotions of the day through the images. She captured memories, not simply just pictures. My husband and I did a trash the dress the next day, DO IT DO IT DO IT!!!! Amazing experience. Sarani kept me calm and we had so so much fun shooting that day! I din't know this was a bucket list item but I didn't want to get out of the water. My husband and I found a new level of connection and partnership working in the water together and encouraging each other. Sarani truly captured exactly what I needed of our wedding, the essence of that day tied up in an awesome little package for us to keep forever. Thank you SARANI!!!!
Pros: Sarani herself!
Cons: Nothing
Sarani is amazing, and her photographs top that! This review is difficult to write cause words really can't express how happy we are we chose Sarani as our wedding photographer. During the actual wedding day, we instantly felt so comfortable with her. She fit in like a family member. She was professional, but also made the whole experience so enjoyable. She had great picture ideas, and the results prove it. We also did the underwater TTD with her. That was a once in a lifetime experience! The location she took us to, was probably the most beautiful spot in the world I had ever visited. Again - she made the whole experience thoroughly enjoyable. A few weeks ago we received the final pictures, album and oil painting canvas. Today we picked it up now it's been wrapped round a frame - SO happy with it. Her pictures are so great, I can't believe it's actually us. Seriously, she is worth every penny. One day when we have a family and are back in Mexico, we will for sure be hiring her again!
Pros: Everything
Cons: Absolutely nothing
A little background....my husband and I were (finally) married January 10, 2015 at Secrets Maroma Beach after nearly 10 years together, with 22 of our closest family & friends in attendance. It was absolutely amazing - everything I could have ever possibly imagined & so much more! And I can only wish the same amazing experience that I am so blessed to have had to every bride (regardless of location, size etc.)!    Okay... so I tend to be rather long winded at times when there is something that I am very passionate about so please bare with me, but every word is from the heart & hopefully will at least be the slightest bit of help to any destination bride planning a wedding in the Cancun/Riviera Maya/Playa del Carmen area. I am writing my review(s) because I know that I would have appreciated (and did appreciate) as many honest reviews as possible about any of the wedding related service that I ventured out on my own to hire aside from the resort's "package deal" options. But most of all, I am taking the time to write this review because Sarani (...& her wonderful team) undoubtedly deserve the time that it takes (long winded or not) to "spread the good word" - I promise she is so worth it!! So let me begin....   I can't exactly remember how I first came across Sarani and her amazing work (thinking Pinterest might be a good guess) - but I remember seeing this most beautiful "sky" picture somewhere that just so happened to be featuring a bride and groom...and better yet... after doing some research, I discovered that the photographer responsible for that amazing photo was based in the same area where I planning to get married! And when browsing through more of her work posted in her portfolio (accessed via her website) there were all these different "sky" photos (as I call them) that were equally or more amazing, not to mention some drop dead gorgeous "veil in the wind" photos, and so many others as an overall tribute to her pure talent for the photo journalism style of photography that I had come to love, especially for weddings, especially for my wedding :)   And now that everything is said and done I will say that I couldn't have made a better decision when choosing our photographer. I have had nothing but the best experience with her from our very 1st encounter via email. It is so weird now to think that I was a little worried at first about feeling awkward on my behalf since I had never met her in person before the day of the wedding - mainly because I am usually awkward anytime it comes to cameras or people focusing on me under normal circumstances, not to mention that I hadn't taken any type of professional photos leading up to the wedding (i.e. engagement, bridals, etc.) - actually only did once in my senior year of high school about 15 years ago - which I wasn't very photogenic then lol). But that is soooooo far from my actual experience with her from!! I honestly can't imagine having felt any more comfortable than I did with her... (I would have thrown in a boudoir session right then and there if I had had the time lol). I don't know how to describe it exactly, but she actually made me feel so much more confident in everything I did that day by genuinely making me feel as if I was the most exciting thing she ever caught on the other side of her lens (even though I know that is definitely not the case in reality! lol ...but she gives you every bit of her for the entire experience). And yet during the ceremony and reception I never noticed their presence as being intrusive, etc. - it's like they turned into "ninjas" (as I had read in another bride's review - I totally agree!).   And to wrap things up, I will "cheat" a little (because I am getting lazy) to let you know just how I felt about my overall experience with Sarani - this is copy & paste from the email that I sent her a few days after the wedding. I still cannot say enough about how wonderful she is!!    "Hi Sarani! We just wanted to tell you thank you for being a part of our day (and such an important part at that!), and not to mention thank you for being so awesome on every level! I never really was nervous or had any doubts going into the process about the choices I made when it came to who would be our photographer (and same goes for Carlos and Styling Trio), and after working with you I know for a fact that I couldn't have picked anyone better, whether we were getting married in Mexico or back at home. And especially after finally meeting you and working with you throughout the day it became evident as to why your work is so amazing! Seems like it took forever to get here and then only a few seconds to go by! Another reason why I knew how important it was to choose the best to handle capturing all the memories, and I have no doubt that I did just that. I can't wait to see it "Sarani style" and be able to relive the day again and again thanks to your attention to detail and sincere passion put into every moment. We can't thank you enough!!"     I waited to post this review till after I had at least had one photo from my own wedding to share as proof of her awesomeness! So now I finally get to post it and I couldn't be more thrilled! (If you see this Sarani, I hope you don't mind me posting the photo - just wanted to show the passion that goes into your work and the amazing results that come of it)    http://www.bestdestinationwedding.com/gallery/image/80085-smb/   Or here is the link to her FB page where the same photo is posted! Not sure which way is easier to view it...   https://www.facebook.com/saraniphotography/photos/a.341870562516847.68880.253575268013044/783566438347255/?type=1&theater  
Pros: Timely, organized, communicates effectively, creative, comforting
Cons: Expensive....but worth every penny
My husband and I had our reservations about how much to invest in the photographer and wedding album itself. When planning our wedding we decided early on that we wanted a simple yet romantic destination wedding. We wanted to escape all the realities and frustrations that come with traditional weddings. As we began our quest to find a photographer, we quickly fell in love with Sarani's work. Her ability to capture such beauty and passion in every picture she takes is absolutely amazing. The day of the wedding Sarani made my husband and I feel like we were the only two people at the resort. She has an ability to make everyone around her feel calm, comfortable, and in the moment. We did a full day package with her and I am absolutely thankful we did. I did the boudoir session in the morning after hair and makeup. Again....Sarani was amazing and I felt at complete ease with her. I am actually disappointed that we did not do the cenote trash the dress session with her as well. My husband and I purchased the largest wedding album she offers.  In fact, we added the maximum pages she would allow. I also purchased a boudoir album as a gift for my husband.  We received them just before Christmas along with a beautiful oil painting, postcards,  and a few larger prints of additional wedding photos. The albums are gorgeous and worth every penny and more!!! The wedding album is laid out like a fairytale story book. Everyone we have shown it to says the same thing: "This is the most breathtaking thing we ever seen. This woman is phenomenal!!!" I can't say enough amazing things about Sarani. The only downfall is that she is so far from us; otherwise, I would be hiring her as our permanent photographer. Thank You Sarani and team for capturing our wedding day with such beauty and passion and giving us the gift of seeing it every day!

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Cons: None at all
Let me start out by saying I am a huge photography fan so finding a photographer from over the computer I thought would be a near impossible task.  However, after one look at Sarani's photography I knew I had to have pictures like that for my wedding day.  I emailed Sarani immediately and she got back to me almost immediately.  Her response time in communicating prior to the wedding was extremely fast and she helped me plan out all the details for my wedding day.  We chose to go with the 8 hour package for both photography and videography and I am so glad we did. The day of the wedding Sarani and her team arrived on time and were extremely friendly and welcoming.  She made me feel like I've known her for my whole life.  Her team had smiles on their faces and were outgoing the entire 8 hour day.  They made me feel at ease with that portion of my wedding day. We have received our wedding photos, video and mini clip and it is all breathtaking.  All of our family and friends can not get over how beautiful our wedding photos are.  Sarani and her team captured everything from getting ready to jumping in the pool at the end of the night.  I am so happy we went with Sarani Photography!  I hope to visit Mexico for our one year and do a trash the dress session with her :)

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Pros: Professional and Beautility Artist
Sarani and her team is the best. She captured our special moments and our pictures will forever be our hearts. Thank you Sarani!

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My husband and I absolutely loved working with Sarani and her team. We used Sarani for photography/videography for our wedding and underwater trash the dress pictures. She did a fantastic job keeping up with our extensive schedule with 22 hours of coverage in 2 days during our Indian wedding. We were hesitant about finding a photographer that would be able to keep up with the demanding schedule of an Indian wedding but Sarani and her team delivered with no problem. They were absolutely great to work with and Sarani has such a happy contagious personality. We felt like we working with someone we had known for years. Sarani has an eye for art and a style that is unique. She is extremely talented and we are blessed to have her capture our special day. Every single image was fantastic. Sarani's work is just stunning and we loved every minute of working with her! We would love to do many more photo shoots with you in the future. I would recommend Sarani to my closest family and friends. 

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Pros: Artist work, amazing pictures, on time, friendly, professional
Cons: None
I fell in love with Sarani's work the moment I saw it! She is a true artist. I am happy to say I booked her for my wedding (thank god) and her work is as amazing as it shows on her website. You can not go wrong if you choose Sarani for your wedding. She is a pleasure to work with. She is professional, friendly, and all around wonderful.
Pros: professional, punctual, artistic, and perfection at its best
Cons: Absolutely none, would use her every time!
Sarani is magical and puts poetry in motion. We did alot of research before choosing our photographer and videographer, and Sarani's work stood out to us like no other. She was easy to communicate with via email and worked with us to get a package that would allow us to stay within budget and capture the special moments.We had no idea how amazing she truly was until we met her and her team in person. They were like ninjas in the night, because we barely realized they were around during the entire process when special moments were occuring, but she captured every single important moment and more. She has a great personality and is charismatic, making it easy to work with her. She exceeded our expectations, when we received our albums and video. When we say our mouth dropped at how breathtaking our album was and how perfect the video and trailer were, that would be an understatement. We have never seen an album like it and the video makes us relive every amazing moment of that special day. She and her staff are worth every penny and more and we wish that she could walk through life with us to capture ALL of our special events and life events. She would be our first choice every time and would HIGHLY recommend her to anyone and would gladly have our name affiliated with her work as she and her staff are true professionals and she is gifted in what she does. Thank you to Sarani and her team for helping us capture this amazing event in our life. We truly love you and your work, and will be forever be grateful to you. You will always be a part of our special day!
Pros: Everything was perfect!
Cons: None
Without Sarani, I can tell you I would've went nuts on my wedding day. Just about everything was done wrong on my wedding day @ El Dorado Casitas Resort, there was a HUGE communication issue with us and the resort, but Sarani kept keeping me calm and I had a blast for sure. She and her staff literally made me feel such comfort and ease that I forgot all about the mess up during my day and ended up having the best day of my life yet!! ~ OMG, and our wedding pictures are by far the most beauiful pictures I have ever seen, and not being biased @ all. Strangers have even told me the same thing. I have had friends on FB ask do I mind if they post a link on their pages for people to see our photos, friends for weeks after I showed them kept saying, " amanda I have to continuously look at your wedding photos bc they are incrediable"!! That is so amazing and we owe it all to Sarani and her staff!! Honestly, dont have one bad thing to say about them. ~ Our underwater photos~ well "underwater photos" speak for themselves, but man did they turn out great!! We also received a little gift from Sarani before our wedding photos came, and it was awesome!!   My husband & I can't thank you enough for making us be able to re-live that beautiful day through our pictures for the rest of our lives xoxox   Mr & Mrs Kettering :)
Pros: Everything was excellent!! Better than my expectations!
Cons: None
We have just received our wedding video!!! :-) Thank you so much!!!  I love the custom cover for our wedding for each CD and the beautiful gift bag!! :) Thank you.  THis is such a beautiful gift!! I will be recommending your amazing wonderful videography/photography services to all my family and friends, and followers on twitter/facebook and instagram!! :) I already have someone who is getting married at Sandos Caracol and will be recommending you and sharing our mini clip with them!  The wedding video you produced for us is one of the best investments we made for our wedding and in our lives!!! It's moments captured forever of our special wedding day. All the videographers were so great to work with and extremely professional.  It was so great working with your wonderful team.  Our wedding video is of excellent quality and very well produced and edited!! We love the song you chose for the mini clip :)  I have already watched the mini clip over 20 times in 2 days!! :) WE LOVE IT!! And are very emotional each time we watch it.  We will be sharing it along with the full wedding film with our families this weekend over Easter.  We are very much looking forward to watching it!   Thank you a million times!! We'll be back to Mexico for a 5 or 10 year anniversary celebration and will definitely be using you again!! And maybe we'll be back for a babymoon vacation and have you do some photographs too!! :)   Muchas gracias!!! :-) We are forever thankful for this beautiful gift! xoxo Marilia y Nathan

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Pros: Professsional, Unique photo ideas, Friendly
Cons: none
My wife and I picked Sarani online after reviewing her impressive portfolio. We were able to coordinate everything via her prompt emails, and let her know exactly what we were looking for in both our photos and video. (I was initially was hesitant to get the video, but agreed after watching one of the 3 minute teaser videos.) On our wedding day, her team meet us and basically walked us through the whole process. Similar to the other reviews, we were initially nervous about the whole destination wedding process, but our minds were set at ease after interacting with both Sarani and her staff. We purchased nine hours of photo, to show the preparation phase, pre-wedding photos, wedding, cocktail reception and a few hours of the reception. Additionally, we purchased video and trash the dress. Overall, we were exceptionally pleased with how the whole event turned out. The pictures and video all came out great, and we constantly receive compliments on our photos around the house. I would highly recommend Sarani to anyone getting married in Mexico for high quality and unique photos. Her personality is outstanding and the whole experience was perfect.