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Photos in Cancun Photography

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By StephaniePriceGalford, · 366 Views · 0 Comments

Pros: Easy to work with, AMAZING photos!!
Cons: Nothing!

My husband and I got married at Dreams Riviera Cancun on 10/1/2016.  We only had a small amount of people come with us (8) but one thing that was really important to me was the wedding pictures.  The wedding package we got included 1 hour of photography which just wasn't enough.  It was pretty expensive to hire the resort photographers and even paying the outside vendor fee, I found Photos in Cancun to be a much better deal.  I loved the fact that I got all my pictures and would get them all right away too!


Everything with working with them was fantastic from the start!  I found them online and sent them an email asking some basic questions. They were very friendly and even sent me some pictures of another wedding at the same resort which was great!  I wasn't quite ready to put a deposit down- I was over a year away- but they remained in touch with me until I did put the deposit down so I felt good about them and didn't think they would book something else without contacting me.


As the wedding date got closer Lorena even helped me figure out the best time line for the wedding based on what I wanted.  She had a great idea of scheduling the resort photography to be during my rehearsal because I didn't quite know how that would all work.  She also helped me decide when to start my ceremony.  The wedding coordinator has suggested a later time, which wouldn't have given us enough sunlight for all the after pictures that I wanted to I was very happy to have Lorena's suggestions.  


It was slightly nerve racking to me to have booked them and they are in another country and I've never met them before...but Lorena stayed in touch with me during the beginning of our vacation and that made me feel much better.  



Got my hair and makeup done- I was concerned because when I looked at a photograph of myself I looked very white from all the makeup around my eyes.  Didn't want to ruin my pictures!  Lorena helped me fix that with makeup and made sure I looked great the entire time!  She even carried makeup around for me and even sprayed mosquito spray on me at one point!  Both her and Dereck were super sweet and fun.  All of my guests loved them and wanted to just include them in our party! They did a great job of getting all the specific family shots that I wanted and had great ideas for other shots as well.  They periodically showed me some so I could see just how great they were- and I seriously never think I take good photos- but these were AMAZING!


They gave us our memory sticks that night and my new husband and I literally sat in bed for hours that night enjoying them.  We got home and had a photo party with our family to help pick out which ones we wanted touched up.  They really hardly needed it!  They got those back to us in a very timely manner. It was such a tough choice, but the best part is that I have all of them- so I really don't have to choose! 


When we got our rehearsal photos back from the resort photographer I was soooo glad I had chosen Photos in Cancun to be our wedding photographer!  The photos just don't compare in my opinion.  Everything about working with Dereck and Lorena was awesome!  


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