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DJ´s Doremixx couldn't have been more professional and perfect!!!
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DJ´s Doremixx

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By ZachGideon, · 924 Views · 2 Comments

Pros: Every Single Thing. They are the whole package
Cons: That the party couldn't go on forever!

This was an absolute no-brainer based on the reviews and were proven right! As an attorney, I can appreciate a business that is organized, efficient and professional.  Ivan and his brother exceeded all our expectations from the beginning.  What we wanted was a DJ who could also MC along our wedding.  The form they provide you at the outset really shows you the level of organization and detail that they are used to providing their customers.


Ivan was kind enough to meet us at the resort a week before the event, even though he did NOT have to. He did so simply because we wanted meet face to face. He always promptly answered all our questions, but to be honest, we really had only a few questions because their comprehensive form is so organized.


They played all our songs we requested for the main events (entrances and first dance family, and last dance, etc) and they provide you with a great playlist ahead of time which you can just go through and state those which you definitely want played and even those you do NOT want played.  After that, they take care of the rest without any worries at all and MC along your entire party!


I'm not sure what the @Berg999 person is talking about below, but DJ Doremixx couldn't have been more professional and organized. In fact, TWICE my bride was delayed (for bathroom trip and bustle dress issue) and we told him to hold off on going into the entrances and the respective speeches and Ivan easily accommodated both requests and patiently waited until we were ready while playing great music.  We appreciated a lot of the covers he played as well! 


Ivan really surprised us by also incorporating impressive transitions into our entrance song from those songs we used for our wedding party. It was awesome!  The light up stage, the balloons, the song selection were all more than we could have asked for.  EVERY single person there (60 person wedding!) had an absolute blast and all of them are STILL raving about the music and atmosphere a week later.  I would absolutely recommend this group to anyone looking for a DJ. In fact, I've already recommended them to two couples we know are being married down there over the next year.  One of the couples was actually there for our wedding and they didn't have to be sold...they saw first hand how great DJ's Doremixx is at weddings.  They are INCREDIBLY reasonably priced as well! It almost felt like we were robbing them.  


I'd let the totality of the reviews here speak for themselves and not be distracted by some very odd outlier had about a phone.  I'd also be happy to answer any questions people have on here to help them with their wedding with DJ's Doremixx - as I am that proud of the service they provided us at Now Sapphire on October 15th.  



GOOD FOR YOU. My review was true and honest and NOT ODD. And I find it incredibly rude of you to insinuate that my review of the SERVICES I RECEIVED was not factual. I ca have 40 guests and my husband and I come on here and report the same review of their shitty service and lack of professionalism. Maybe you had IVAN as your DJ and not his brother HUGO, but we had HUGO and it was terrible. Not to mention, yes, he took possession of my cell phone and never returned it. Sorry, there is no excuse for that and again, both brothers told us verbally and in writing they would refund us half the money to compensate for the phone and have yet to stay true to their word. They have no responded to emails or calls. They are not a company that can truly say they honor their word or deliver professional services. Don't even know if your review is even a real review or one that they had someone they know write this who could do so with grammatically accurate English. Either way, my experience and review was true and a GOOD WARNING. Whether it was a one time occasion or not, does not take away from the fact IT HAPPENED and MY EXPERIENCE for MY WEDDING and THEIR Services COUNTS! It wasn't just about their thievery, they did a crap job with their DJ service for my wedding. Very unfortunate.

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Haha, yeah okay, you say I insinuate while you wrote a deplorable review that insinuates they stole your cell phone.


Your response here simply reinforces my comment that your review is simply "odd." In fact, You tipped your cap when you admitted ".... but I learned AFTERWARDS what a mistake it was to hire them." You pretty much admit it wasn't their performance but the ludicrous phone accusation that grounded your despicable review. Otherwise, why would it not have been until after YOUR own reception that you realized it was so bad? Right.... Don't insult the intelligence of the people on here or this company, when your own words reveal the intent behind your review.


Like I said, continue on your petty vendetta here, but there is no mistaking the totality of the reviews here demonstrate how well they operate. Sorry someone in your group wasn't responsible for their phone, though...

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