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  1. Haha, yeah okay, you say I insinuate while you wrote a deplorable review that insinuates they stole your cell phone. Your response here simply reinforces my comment that your review is simply "odd." In fact, You tipped your cap when you admitted ".... but I learned AFTERWARDS what a mistake it was to hire them." You pretty much admit it wasn't their performance but the ludicrous phone accusation that grounded your despicable review. Otherwise, why would it not have been until after YOUR own reception that you realized it was so bad? Right.... Don't insult the intelligence of the people on
  2. This is a review of:

    DJ´s Doremixx

    DJ´s Doremixx couldn't have been more professional and perfect!!!

    Pros: Every Single Thing. They are the whole package
    Cons: That the party couldn't go on forever!
    This was an absolute no-brainer based on the reviews and were proven right! As an attorney, I can appreciate a business that is organized, efficient and professional.  Ivan and his brother exceeded all our expectations from the beginning.  What we wanted was a DJ who could also MC along our wedding.  The form they provide you at the outset really shows you the level of organization and detail that they are used to providing their customers.   Ivan was kind enough to meet us at the resort a wee
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