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By tamiandquang, · 995 Views · 1 Comment

I was introduced to Claudia from Mike.  Claudia and her team were phenomenal and beyond compare. We had been looking for wedding photographers for quite some time (i had alot of options before Claudia) and once I saw some of Claudia's work I had a feeling they would be the perfect team to capture those special moments during our wedding (since Claudia and Mike works best together). During the day of the wedding everything worked flawlessly. They were so easy to get along with and so accommodating. My only advice to future brides/grooms is to have more time in between ceremony and reception so that you are not rushing. My ceremony was at 4 and reception was at 6.  It was extremely rushed for me, I didn't have time for touchups and had to rush to change, it still works out in the end, as I am not very high maintenance, but if you are, you definitely needs all that time for second look.  Claudia and her team made it felt effortless for posing, especially a husband that hates taking pictures, they were very patient with him.  We paid for TTD but we didn't end up using it because my husband is a boring person and doesnt want to do it; we told them to keep it as a gift from us, and they are worth it.  They are certainly worth every penny and we are so glad we chose to go with them and wish them all the best in the future.

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Since TamiandQuang is a new account and you may think it's not a real review, it is. I can vouch for this review since I was a guest at the wedding.


LOL at the comment about Q being a boring person.

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