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Riveria Maya Corridor
Wedding - June 24, 2016
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NOW Jade Riviera Cancun

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By rightridgeway, · 1,871 Views · 0 Comments

Pros: Food, beach, service, wedding staff
Cons: None

Our wedding was unbelievable!  We also had very little communication with wedding staff ahead of time, but it all worked out very well. Tips and things to watch out for:  read your contract very carefully and choose your options wisely.  Remember that taxes are steep and ours amounted to $500 (which was our deposit amount and we did not add any extras, so our Divine package final payment was $3300).  The sound system is extra, no matter what package you choose.  We did not use it on the beach and we did not have the traditional reception - just dinner - so we did not need it.  You finish paying for the package when you get there and meet with your coordinator.  Our initial coordinator Pilar was great and then Donovan took over when we got there and he was fantastic to work with. The meeting with the photographer was done at the same time as the meeting with the wedding coordinator.  The photographer's work was great, but we were not able to see our pictures while we were there - it takes a few days for editing.  The videography takes a couple of weeks and links to both are being emailed to us when they are ready. The photographer did not care that our family was taking pictures right alongside.  My bouquet and the other flowers were really pretty, the set-up was perfect, and our officiant was so sweet.  The food was absolutely amazing and the staff made sure our belongings were gathered up.  Our wedding was on the beach at 6, the cocktail hour was at the Mix Bar (Darius was a fantastic bartender & DJ), and our reception was on the Carnival Terrace.  All private and the staff was lovely.  The Divine package included a couples massage at the spa and the spa was nicer than any I've been to before.  The package also included my hair and make-up at the spa; Sofia made me look the best I ever have.  It also included a private romantic dinner on the beach, which was unforgettable.  The staff covered our room in rose petals during our reception and breakfast in bed was also included for the day after our wedding.  It was an excellent week and we will be going back for our anniversary!  Let me know if you have any questions.


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