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NOT for "Destination Weddings"
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Cecilia Dumas Photography

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By AlisonSpicer, · 987 Views · 1 Comment

Pros: The photos were ok.
Cons: NOT FOR DESTINATION WEDDINGS. If there's something done incorrectly, it will not be fixed.

First I have to say that Cecilia did not photograph our wedding, but I did set everything up with her prior to our wedding. She was very kind and flexible to send her assistants to photograph our day. All went smoothly, until it came time to receive our photo album, which cost $250. I know that price doesn't seem like a lot when planning a wedding, but it's still a chunk of change that could go towards other expenses. We (finally received our album nearly 6 months after our wedding, but in the process of being shipped, was damaged, which I brought to her attention immediately. After showing very few friends the album, it literally fell apart (due to the initial damages from shipping). Again, I let Cecilia know what had happened with the album, and sent photos. She agreed to send out a new album. The new album finally came, several months later, and the new album had photos tripled and duplicated on SEVERAL of the pages. This was very frustrating, as you could imagine. I sent Cecilia another email with photos of these mistakes. Her response was that the printing company did a good job on the album, and since they included all the photos, it shouldn't matter that they're tripled and doubled on each page. Who would be proud of that kind of work? She went on to say that we mistreated the book, denying that it had been damaged during shipping, and that if it was, in fact, damaged during shipping, we should have expected that to happen when having a destination wedding. I asked her to correct the problem by having the album reprinted and sent correctly, or to give us a refund, since we now have no album to show our friends, or family. She refused. I DO NOT RECOMMEND THIS PHOTOGRAPHER. 

1 Comment

Cecilia was one if the photographers I considered. I found her early in ny search. One thing I didn't like was that she required a deposit to be transferred to her bank account with no contract what so ever. I really didn't like that and I am much more comfortable making transactions using PayPal or on the vendors online portal where I receive a contract and receipt. This turned me off immediately

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