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Fabulous to work with-- OUTSTANDING WORK!!!
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Gallardo Films - Wedding Cinematography Services

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By SarahWember, · 537 Views · 1 Comment

Pros: Very artistic, easy to work with, easy to communicate with
Cons: None

It has been over a year since we've gotten married in Puerto Morelos, Mexico.  I had intended to write a review and it kept slipping my mind... I'm getting to it now! :-)


Early on in the planning, I knew that hiring a videographer was on the top of our list of things that MUST be booked.  I spent countless months researching vendors to handle the Big Day, and when I came across examples of Gallardo Film's work, I knew had to have them.  They are prompt in responses, and took the time to get to know us ahead of time via questionaires and email.  I was unsure how it would work out, as they never asked us to select music for the final video, etc...  but when we received the DVD (about 4 months later) we were SHOCKED at how amazing it turned out. It truly looks like a hollywood film. The short, teaser version of the final cut was online within weeks for us to view after the wedding, and was also included on the final DVD. This is going to sound really funny, but we have probably watched the video at least 30 times so far in a year. Our friends come over, we make them watch it. LOL. When people see it, they can't believe how great it turned out...very unique. The music they selected, the way they intertwine speaking with the music...fading in and out of different scenes, it's truly a work of art.


They were so incredible to work with and they captured things I didnt' even realize had happened. 1,000,000 % satisfied with Gallardo Films. We used Samuel Luna for our photographer, they work together a lot of the time I believe, and we were also incredibly happy with him.


Here is our highlight video, if you are considering Gallardo Films, you will not be disappointed!!!!





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