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  1. Got your email. I did not use the hotel photographer or videographer. We used Samuel Luna for pictures...he is AMAZING, I mean, just awesome and def worth having an outside vendor for photography. We didn't get our video back yet, but I'm looking forward to that. We got married on the beach in front of building 1-- this is important, because the other area reserved for weddings is not private. You are basically walking down in the middle of beach chairs, it's not ideal, in my opinion. Building one was very private. We did the reception on the lobby terrace- it was gorgeous, but had to move inside half way through because it started to rain a bit, but that was totally fine! I wil email you pictures of the terrace and the beach area. We also rented gold tiffany chairs in place of the white ones that are included...I'll send it all over to you today! And yes, did hair and makeup at the salon and LOVED it.
  2. We attached tags with everyone's name and table number, and used them as place cards. I just bought Avery perforated tags that have a hole already in them, and used a template for those online...added everyone's name, etc. then tied them to the bottles with hemp rope when I got there (didn't want the tags to bend in transit) I made the template for the labels, I have it on my computer, I'll have to email it to you. Email me at sarah8196 @ gmail.com To make them, I cut them out, and used Modge Podge to put them right over the original Patron Label. It didn't take too long and everyone LOVED them. We did a tequila shot toast at the reception, and the hotel provided us with shot glasses and limes for everyone.
  3. Jill, we made custom labels for mini Patron bottles, got a quantity discount for them from our local liquore store, and brought them down there in our luggage. Check your airline allowance for liquor, but you will more than likely be under it (we were- with 45 mini bottles) Also, I have my template I made for the labels if you want to use it... here is what we did :
  4. Thank you!!! I can't wait to get the professional pictures from Samuel Luna back. The trash the dress was REALLY fun for both of us. You'll be happy with that package for the wedding, although there are many little add-ons, such as bridal bouquets and boutainers (sp?)...flowers for the ceremony, etc. But having it include the spa services was great!! Lots of extras, including a private dinner on the beach for you and your groom for any day after the wedding. Also, the food was AMAZING!!!
  5. I have naturally wavy and very tangly hair that DOES NOT stay curled, AT ALL...ever. So this was a concern of mine. But they all stayed put, to my surprise. You'll be in good hands. They know what they're doing in there!
  6. Thank you!! Yes, I did use the salon for hair and makeup. It came with my package. I was nervous, and brought a lot of my own makeup for them to use (really good foundation, waterproof mascara, etc) but they ended up having a ton of stuff. They did a REALLY great job. I was REALLY nervous. I hardly wear makeup on a regular basis, so I didnt' know how it would turn out, but they did a great job. My mom had hers done, too...and was more than pleased. Here's a wedding selfie hahaha (you can't see the hair that great, but it really stayed all day, which I was surprised, with the wind.) My hair stayed put all through the trash the dress session the day also! Here's hair and makeup the next day, it held up! Also, if you're trying to plan what time you should go to the salon (this was one of my concerns) I scheduled mine for 2...and I had to be back at my room to meet the girls for pictures at 4:30. It was perfect timing. Took about 40 min for makeup, and the rest of the time was hair. Ceremony was at 6. So the timing worked out well.
  7. Well, I'm a Mrs! We just got back from OCT a few weeks ago. I have to say, it all went smoothly, there was no fuss, it was gorgeous, and we hada a dream wedding. If anyone has any questions, email me at sarah8196 at gmail.com I plan to write out a full review, but it's been hectic since getting back...it might just be easier to answer questions! I was lucky enough to become friends with a girl I met on this forum, and we were married a few day apart from one another-- so having each other there at the same time, and celebrating together, seeing each other's weddings, it was really, really cool!!! Hope everyone's planning is going well!
  8. April, Thanks! We're getting excited. For my photographer, I am using Samuel Luna... ( http://www.samuellunablog.com/ ) And he is doing a trash the dress session with us the next day as well. For videographer, we are using Gallardo Films (http://gallardofilms.com/blog/ ) Our ceremony is on the beach, and the extended reception on the lobby terrace. I have A LOT of pictures that I've colleceted from other girl's weddings that I've met through here, I will email you later today. I have a lot, a lot of info so if you have any questions, you can always email me at: sarah8196@@gmail.com Talk to you soon!
  9. I booked them all rooms. All in all, I think it ended up costing just shy of $800. For 2 videographers, dj, and 2 photographers...it would have been over $1,000 just for the outside vendor fee, then the daily fee per person. This saved me a lot of money and I'm very glad that I decided to go this route. The DJ has been really cool to work with, and is working with us on a wedding entrance to the Chicago Bulls lineup (we are from Chicago)...it's just, much more personalized and stress-free not having to worry about MC'ing and DJ'ing our own event. Good luck with your planning!! Let me know if you have any questions, mine is coming up in less than 1.5 months, eee!!!! My take on this is that you should tip them, I of course will. You think, they're your contact there before you get there, and do a lot to pull things together, so I think it's probably good practice to tip them. I k now that a bride I know gave the money to her mom to go tip the coordinator and her mom gave it to the wrong girl on accident and it was sort-of a bit of a mess. HHAHa. I was told that they do expect to get receive a tip.
  10. I also agree! The number one reason we did not go forward with a traditional wedding in Chicago was becaue we didn't want it to be indoors, and the one outdoor venue we really wanted was booked for 2 years! I've said before, I know someone who was married here last year in May...her reception was on the terrace and she said it was so amazing. So much that she didn't even need much in the way of decorations because with the moon, the ocean, etc...the atmosphere is just right! We have 2 more months until ours! I'm getting really excited!!
  11. Ours is on the lobby terrace. We really, really love the idea of it being outside, but I can see that you'd want more privacy. I heard that you can have your reception in the garden terrace which is SUPER private, but it's extra to have it there and is sort-of something "special" that you'd have to arrange with the hotel. I think I heard that on this thread, actually. I don't know, might be worth inquiring about.
  12. For the DJ, I only had to book a single occupancy room, for the Videographer and photog, there are 2 of each of them, so booked a double occupancy for 2 nights...so a total of 3 rooms for 2 nights, but I had to bargain HARD for those 2 nights, usually it is 3, but because of the number of vendors I had, they let me get away with it. If you just have the one photographer and his assistant, you will only need one room with double occupancy for 3 nights. I am pretty sure it was like $100ish a night or less. Look fort deals online, too! So even if you end up paying $350, it's better than the $500 outside vendor plus the $160 you'd have to pay for them to be on the property that day! Much better option. I booked online right through their website. Let me know how it goes! I think it's a much smarter option if you wanna save a few bucks.
  13. Awesome! And another tip, to get around paying the outside vendor fee-- get your vendors rooms at the hotel. You have to book 2 or 3 nights, but it's actually a lot cheaper than paying the $500/per vendor and like $90/day for the day pass. I have 2 photographers, 2 videographers, and the DJ, so..... Yeah, def didn't want to pay all of those vendor fees!!! Your wedding is coming up quick! I'm a few weeks before you! Pretty exciting!!!
  14. My friend who was married here used them and was disappointed. They do not MC (announce anything, keep order to the reception, etc.) they basically just play the music, and your music, at that. I have booked DJ Bob for our wedding in May. He was actually cheaper than the resort Dj and he caters to crowd interaction, MC'ing, etc. I spoke to him on the phone for about an hour one night while going over the details of the wedding, and I was impressed- he's very funny! I know that we made the right choice going with him. If you want his info, his website is: www.weddingdjrivieramaya.com
  15. Ashleen, I'm sure you are probably already well on your way to Mexico for your wedding (congrats!) but in any case... I had a friend get married here, and she said that after the reception, the pool bar/club was open. I guess there is also a 50's themed diner that is open until 4 am. They went there and took some fun wedding pics after the reception and dancing by the pool. I think you will be fine ending your reception when you do. As far as i can tell, there are plenty of fun things to do afterwards! Have fun!!!
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