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By TaylorFedewa, · 481 Views · 0 Comments

Pros: Prepared, Friendly, Helpful, and Great Photographers
Cons: None

Derek, Lorena and Fernando were exactly how I would hope our wedding photographer would be. They arrived on time and got right to business, while still making conversation. I am very happy with the quality of photos and our over all experience with them. I do photography and teach photography so I did have high expectations and they fulfilled them perfectly. They were prepared and did everything we requested of them from poses, style of lighting, locations, etc. It was their first time at our resort and they did research on locations so we were not wondering around aimlessly. They went above and beyond for us.  


For example, my husband and I eloped so no friends and no family, it was just us. I had a corset dress which of course needed assistance, and Lorena saved the day because she knew exactly how to tie my dress and she did it better than the lady at the dress store. The day of our wedding was VERY windy and the flower in my hair blew out, Lorena was prepared with mirrors, held my make up, cell phone, room key,  and fixed my flowers with bobby pins she brought. A real time-saver. We hired them for 3 hours of photography and a 10-15 minute video (depending on music). We have not seen the video yet but based off their other videos and Derek's experience with music videos in Canada, I CANNOT wait. 


​I would recommend them to anyone looking to get married in the Cancun area. Great team.


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