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Costa Rica
Truly a Dreams wedding!
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Dreams Las Mareas Costa Rica

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By RyanMaria, · 1,144 Views · 1 Comment

Pros: Every single thing at the resort!!
Cons: The last 45 minute drive to the resort and having to leave to go home.
First off let me say this is an amazing resort!! The staff were very nice, helpful and accommodating to everyone in our group. A special thank you and thumbs up to Will and Elina from Adventure Photos and Hugo from Nexus Tours, very great people and highly recommended. Dreams Las Mareas had some of the best food on a resort Ive ever had. Not one traveller got sick the whole week. Beautiful pools and landscaping and our beach venue for our wedding was perfect. We do recommend if you want stunning pictures have them taken during sunset by Will or Elina they will leave you speechless. We would also suggest the swim out rooms as our group of 30 stayed in those the last 4 days for shade and still having a pool.

1 Comment

Hi! Thanks for the review. I'm getting married there in Dec 2015. We have a party of 65+! Were your photogs part of the package or separate? What tours did you do? Is the last 45 mins of land travel bad Bc of the roads? I'd love to see your photos if you wouldn't mind. Did you have the reception at the beach too? Sorry for all the questions and congrats!!

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