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  1. This is a review of:

    Dreams Las Mareas Costa Rica

    Truly a Dreams wedding!

    Pros: Every single thing at the resort!!
    Cons: The last 45 minute drive to the resort and having to leave to go home.
    First off let me say this is an amazing resort!! The staff were very nice, helpful and accommodating to everyone in our group. A special thank you and thumbs up to Will and Elina from Adventure Photos and Hugo from Nexus Tours, very great people and highly recommended. Dreams Las Mareas had some of the best food on a resort Ive ever had. Not one traveller got sick the whole week. Beautiful pools and landscaping and our beach venue for our wedding was perfect. We do recommend if you want stunning
  2. This is a review of:

    Adventure Photos

    Amazing Photographs.

    Pros: Perfect shots and great people.
    Cons: Nothing
    We both highly recommend using Will and Elina for your wedding and sunset photographs. They're are two of the nicest people we met at the resort and very easy to work with. Their sunset photos will leave you breathless. They know exactly where to go, when to go and how to pose at the exact perfect moment. We will never forget them because of these photos, well worth the money.
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