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Del Sol Photography: Initial Review
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Del Sol Photography

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By pddcmc, · 998 Views · 5 Comments

Pros: Exciting, Fun, Worth it!
Cons: Nothing at all

I absolutely LOVE everything about Del Sol Photography. To begin, Ael is FANTASTIC! She eased any concerns that I had and was extremely quick with her responses. She also called me the Sunday before we left for Mexico to discuss some of the shots that I requested. Debora. Oh, Debora. She is full of life and passion! She was SO FUN! I wish I could take her everywhere with me for photos! My guests even noticed how awesome she was. They kept commenting on how she was shooting from all kinds of unique angles and that her personality was so amazing. Her assistant, Jorge (I think that was his name.. I didn't have the opportunity to interact with him as much) was great, as well. He shot my husband's getting ready photos. I cannot wait to see their work! I will post again after I see our images. 



Thank you SO much for sharing your review and for inviting us to share in your big day! We cannot wait to share some photos with you, we'll try to get some sneak peeks out to you soon! All the best to you and hubby, big hugs and we will be in touch soon!

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Thank you for the sneak peeks! We LOVE the photographs we are seen so far & are SO excited for the rest!

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Hi, everyone!


We received more photographs from Del Sol yesterday!!!


I can honestly say, this was the best money we spent for our wedding day. We absolutely love our photographs! Every time I look at them (which has been at least 15 times already!), I am taken back to our wedding day and reminded of the exact moments and feelings. These photos are more than just images, there was true, raw emotion captured and it will live on forever - something irreplaceable and cannot be reciprocated by anyone else.


I LOVE how our photographers caught my husband's facial expressions - he is so animated! These shots are truly my favorite - there are 3 specific ones that stir so many emotions. I wish I could explain it better.


So, a HUGE THANK YOU to Del Sol - from our photographers, to Ael with communication, to the staff behind the scenes!


Sincerely, with LOVE and GRATITUDE,

A very, very happy bride (&groom)!


@Matt Adcock

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If Del Sol Photo was any cuter, it would have to be ran by adorable, fluffy puppies. I mean, how cute is this?



Oaxaca Box


Memory stick of our wedding photos



I had totally expected a "basic" memory stick...and with that, hoping that I could find a place to keep it so I wouldn't lose it. But, Del Sol totally took care of that, too!



For easy reference, here is the link to some of our wedding photos!

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@pddcmc HOLA TRICIA!!!! Well, thank you again, and for posting the unique link to your slideshow and the cute boxes...haha


"adorable, fluffy puppies. I mean, how cute is this."


We went to some effort to match fluffy puppies.... haha. This is the story about Tirso, an artist who made these boxes for you ;)http://delsolphotography.com/oaxaca-boxes-art-for-the-del-sol-client/


Cheers and thanks again for the nice words Tricia!

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