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Del Sol Photography

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By RacerBride, · 1,047 Views · 3 Comments

I'm writing this after reading Panamonvie's review. I hired Del Sol for my wedding in May 2014. I received my pictures around July and was so upset with them that I just looked at them again for the second time last week.  I have yet to share them any with anyone. I didn't write a review because I didn't want to be the outlier who didn't love their photography--I figured it was just me so no need to comment, but knowing there was another disappointed bride, disapointed for all the same reasons, reminds me why reviews are important. My main gripe about my wedding pictures is that there is not one, Not.A.Single.Picture of the posed bride looking at the camera, smiling. In fact, there is only one full-length picture of the bride, and I'm staring out the window. So, of about 550 pictures, there is one picture of just me where you can see my dress, but I'm looking out the window. Thanks to MVP Makeup, I looked beautiful, I felt beautiful. I loved my hair, my makeup, my dress--it was honestly the most beautiful I ever felt in my life. You would never know that from the pictures.


Hi @racerbride

You were a truly beautiful bride and we think you look incredible in your photos. There are so many real moments of authentic love and emotion and the details of your day, the moment of your first kiss as man and wife, the fun and energy of the reception and the happiness of you, your groom and your friends and family.


Please see the whole shoot here on our blog, Now Jade Wedding, we think Martina and Jorge captured all the great moments of the day.


All the best!

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I thought your wedding pictures were gorgeous!!! I guess it all depends on how you look at them. You looked beautiful we have MVP doing my makeup and my girls too.. can't wait. If you wanted more staged shots you could of gone with the typical resort photographer. I find Del Sol does a great job in capturing the real life moments as they happen. There hasn't been one wedding I viewed on their website that hasn't been fantastic. I can't wait for Jorge and another one of their amazing photographers to capture our day next month!

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There were many real moments, I agree. However, as I mentioned in my review, there was not one of the bride, by herself, fully dressed, where you can see her head to toe, with her face. This limitation does not just apply to a formal picture, but there is literally not one at all, including a "real moment" except for the one in font of the window, which is a side shot where my face is half hidden. Not a single one. My parents, my mother-in-law, grandparents, have all asked me for a framed photo of the bride, and I do not have one to give.


For other brides out there, I have recently been to two other destination weddings in Mexico where Sasha Gluck and Moments that Matter were the photographers, and the pictures were INCRDIBLE and cost about 1/3 of what Del Sol charges. It is now 18 months after my wedding, and each time I go to another wedding, I get infuriated thinking of the money wasted on Del Sol and how I have no pictures of myself as a bride on my wedding day.

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