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Love Love her! Not only met every expectation but far exceeded them all! So happy with my decision!
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Sarani Weddings Photography and Videography

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Pros: Everything
Cons: Absolutely nothing

A little background....my husband and I were (finally) married January 10, 2015 at Secrets Maroma Beach after nearly 10 years together, with 22 of our closest family & friends in attendance. It was absolutely amazing - everything I could have ever possibly imagined & so much more! And I can only wish the same amazing experience that I am so blessed to have had to every bride (regardless of location, size etc.)! 


Okay... so I tend to be rather long winded at times when there is something that I am very passionate about so please bare with me, but every word is from the heart & hopefully will at least be the slightest bit of help to any destination bride planning a wedding in the Cancun/Riviera Maya/Playa del Carmen area. I am writing my review(s) because I know that I would have appreciated (and did appreciate) as many honest reviews as possible about any of the wedding related service that I ventured out on my own to hire aside from the resort's "package deal" options. But most of all, I am taking the time to write this review because Sarani (...& her wonderful team) undoubtedly deserve the time that it takes (long winded or not) to "spread the good word" - I promise she is so worth it!! So let me begin....


I can't exactly remember how I first came across Sarani and her amazing work (thinking Pinterest might be a good guess) - but I remember seeing this most beautiful "sky" picture somewhere that just so happened to be featuring a bride and groom...and better yet... after doing some research, I discovered that the photographer responsible for that amazing photo was based in the same area where I planning to get married! And when browsing through more of her work posted in her portfolio (accessed via her website) there were all these different "sky" photos (as I call them) that were equally or more amazing, not to mention some drop dead gorgeous "veil in the wind" photos, and so many others as an overall tribute to her pure talent for the photo journalism style of photography that I had come to love, especially for weddings, especially for my wedding :)


And now that everything is said and done I will say that I couldn't have made a better decision when choosing our photographer. I have had nothing but the best experience with her from our very 1st encounter via email. It is so weird now to think that I was a little worried at first about feeling awkward on my behalf since I had never met her in person before the day of the wedding - mainly because I am usually awkward anytime it comes to cameras or people focusing on me under normal circumstances, not to mention that I hadn't taken any type of professional photos leading up to the wedding (i.e. engagement, bridals, etc.) - actually only did once in my senior year of high school about 15 years ago - which I wasn't very photogenic then lol). But that is soooooo far from my actual experience with her from!! I honestly can't imagine having felt any more comfortable than I did with her... (I would have thrown in a boudoir session right then and there if I had had the time lol). I don't know how to describe it exactly, but she actually made me feel so much more confident in everything I did that day by genuinely making me feel as if I was the most exciting thing she ever caught on the other side of her lens (even though I know that is definitely not the case in reality! lol ...but she gives you every bit of her for the entire experience). And yet during the ceremony and reception I never noticed their presence as being intrusive, etc. - it's like they turned into "ninjas" (as I had read in another bride's review - I totally agree!).


And to wrap things up, I will "cheat" a little (because I am getting lazy) to let you know just how I felt about my overall experience with Sarani - this is copy & paste from the email that I sent her a few days after the wedding. I still cannot say enough about how wonderful she is!! 


"Hi Sarani! We just wanted to tell you thank you for being a part of our day (and such an important part at that!), and not to mention thank you for being so awesome on every level! I never really was nervous or had any doubts going into the process about the choices I made when it came to who would be our photographer (and same goes for Carlos and Styling Trio), and after working with you I know for a fact that I couldn't have picked anyone better, whether we were getting married in Mexico or back at home. And especially after finally meeting you and working with you throughout the day it became evident as to why your work is so amazing! Seems like it took forever to get here and then only a few seconds to go by! Another reason why I knew how important it was to choose the best to handle capturing all the memories, and I have no doubt that I did just that. I can't wait to see it "Sarani style" and be able to relive the day again and again thanks to your attention to detail and sincere passion put into every moment. We can't thank you enough!!"



I waited to post this review till after I had at least had one photo from my own wedding to share as proof of her awesomeness! So now I finally get to post it and I couldn't be more thrilled! (If you see this Sarani, I hope you don't mind me posting the photo - just wanted to show the passion that goes into your work and the amazing results that come of it) 




Or here is the link to her FB page where the same photo is posted! Not sure which way is easier to view it...





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