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Best decision ever!
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Ivan Luckie

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By dwbride2014, · 336 Views · 0 Comments

Pros: Super talented, easy going, incredibly knowledgable about photography, gently guides his subjects for best shots, fun to be around!
Cons: We did have a little bit of a wait for our wedding photos, but it was totally worth it! It took 7 months for our photos to come in, which is reasonable (I have friends who waited just as long, if not longer, from photogs here in the US)

My husband & I knew from the minute we got engaged that we wanted to have a destination wedding. It wasn't until we started really looking into locations and vendors did the reality of leaving our wedding in the hands of strangers, thousands of miles away, hit us. With that looming over our heads, we dove into reviews and vendor websites head on and I literally made a spreadsheet of every photographer (and other vendor) we could find. I don't remember exactly how I came across Ivan Luckie and Luckie Photography, but it was an immediate response of "We must have him for our wedding!" When we look back at our pictures now, there is not a single doubt in my mind that we made the best decision.


We reached out to Ivan and booked him pretty quickly. He provided several other bride references, all state side, that shared their experiences and photos with me and we couldn't sign fast enough. We were living in the NY metro area at the time and were fortunate enough to have a chance to meet and work with Ivan before the wedding in Mexico for our engagement shoot: http://www.luckiephotography.com/new-york-botanical-garden-engagement-photography/


Fast forward to May 2014, and seeing Ivan again for our wedding was just like picking up where you left off with an old friend. We didn't have any real must have shots, just a big group one, and left the rest up to him. All our family and friends found him so nice and easy to work with that all the photos went so smoothly. He even got some really amazing moments at our reception that we are just blown away by!



Ivan's approach to his work is so unique and creative. He truly pulls every once of light and element out of his subjects and their surroundings. It wasn't until we got our pictures back that we realized how amazing his eye for the shot was; using sunlight at just the right angle, capturing colors in the sky, using the contrast of light & dark to highlight his subjects, just outstanding!


He was our "splurge" for the wedding and we went with the engagement shoot, wedding plus an add'l hour or 2 (I can't remember) and then the TTD session. Originally we thought he was going to be super expensive, but his rates I feel are very competitive compared to other high quality photographers we were considering. He was truly worth every cent in our eyes, and we continually get compliments on our photos all the time.


Ivan communicates pretty quickly, usually within the same day, but no longer then 2-3 days. In person, he's so nice and easy to get along with. He was never bossy, but was serious enough to make sure we were in the right spot when the sun was going down. For him, it's all about the shot, and he will work to make sure it happens! Check out the links I included of our pictures. These are only a fraction of the "bests"- we are currently creating our own wedding album and making cuts has been the hardest thing since the wedding planning process! It's the best problem to have and all because working with Ivan was the best decision ever!


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