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  1. Hi dee42scar, I had my ceremony on the terrace and it is tiny, I think the max is 30 people. The view is amazing, great for photos and it's quiet and intimate. The isle is maybe 15 ft long, I felt like I ran down it lol even though I was walking slow. There are sliding glass doors but they are double wide so if you have a fuller dress that shouldn't be an issue, though the stairs getting up there are narrow. There is another terrace overlooking the ocean that is totally enclosed called the luna lounge. When I had my wedding in May it was only shown to us as an exception because we kept asking about. It's in the wing near the spa in the palace members area.
  2. I originally wanted all the same color but my husband insisted we do different and it worked out for the better. A lot of our guests were using them at the pool bar and different colors made it easy to identify whose was whose. Some people even swapped lids so their cup and lid were different colors. With all the other stuff we included in out OOT bags, I think it was nice to have something that wasn't so matchy- matchy. Plus I found the only way to get all the same color cups is to go and pick them yourself, which can be hit or miss.
  3. I got mine from dollar tree and really had no complaints. Our wedding was back in May and I'm still using the last few that were extra. They are not fancy by any stretch but we put our own logo/ waterproof stickers on them and if anything the stickers look worse at this point. We got the double walled ones and everyone seemed to enjoy them. I did wash and repack them in the master boxes to transport them to the wedding and I think only 1 or 2 cracked, probably from rough luggage handling so buy extras. All in all, can't beat the price and a great take home for guests!
  4. Hi TheBHolders, You can ask your coordinator for a list of preferred vendors. They should have a list handy to send right away. As for the decour, the palace resorts use Zuniga and they will get you connected with someone there. I was sent a 90 pg PDF of all their design stuff. I had my reception outside but did check out the ballroom as a backup option. It's very spacious and they had drapping & lighting setup when I saw it and it was lovely. Good luck!!
  5. Hi BDABeachBum, The only thing I wish I did before the wedding that I didn't do was go to the florist. Don't get me wrong, I was incredibly happy with the flowers and the service I got from Flores Riviera Maya, but the flowers I received were slightly different from what I ordered. I had sent pictures of flowers for them to quote and although the colors and type of flowers were the same, the ombré centerpiece I ordered had the flowers all mixed, not going from light to dark. It was still lovely though! I noticed it right away, as any bride would, but since it was the day of and everything was going 100 miles an hour, I just let it go. Nobody noticed, nobody cared, so I was fine with it. If you feel the flowers are that important, I would try and set up an appointment before. But I think a phone call or an email asking for pictures a day or two before would be fine too (just thinking of valuable beach time!!) The vases were included in the price. You can always ask them if they have anything else to sell you, or ask Zuniga, the Palace resorts decor company (though they are a little overpriced in my opinion) if you can rent from them. If gold centerpieces are that important to the look you want, the PP coodinator should be able to point you in the right direction if those two options don't work out. Good luck!!
  6. Styling Trio is a preferred vendor so no offsite vendor fee required! I used them for my May wedding at PP and they were absolutely amazing!!!! They come right to the resort, all they need is a room number. To book them, here's the email: stylingtriorivieramaya@@gmail.com. The owner, Adrian, is super chill and really justs wants to please you. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!!! As for off site florists, the question of flowers did come up but I told them that we were providing our own decor. I used Floreria Riveria and they dropped the flowers off in the lobby the morning of and we just brought them to the coordinator office to hold until the reception. They didn't ask any questions and set everything up as I instructed them (my one OCD thing was write up a detailed decor list since the coordinator would be doing the setup with any instruction). Alina was fantastic and very responsive and their pricing was easily 30% less then other florists I asked and everything was fresh and gorgeous. Here's their email if you need it: info@floresrivieramaya.com
  7. Hi Ladies! I just got back from staying 10 days at Playacar Palace and had the most amazing wedding!! I know I havent been an active poster on this forum but after the wonderful trip I just had, I wanted to extend myself to help anyone who has questions or concerns. I don't have many pictures to share at this time but will do what I can if you need photos of anything. i just read that someone was asking about a steamer on site. Yes- it's about $60-80, depending on your dress and the material. I ended up not needing to get mine steamed- it's humid enough there that the few wrinkles that happened during travel fell out within a few hours. Also, we used Ivan Luckie as the photograher. When working the the resort coordinator, I never mentioned photos or their packages and it wasn't until we were onsite that they asked. At that point in time, I had already given them the names of Ivan & his assistant for the day passes and it was left as that. No off-site vendor fee! They also said they would charge us the $100 set-up fee for the decor that we brought and werent billed for that either. We had amazing service, the resort is beautiful, and all our guests had a great time. Please don't hesitate to message me or reply if I can help with anything at all!! And I just posted my review for the hotel as well so feel free to check it out
  8. Hi Ladies, I just came back from my wedding at Playacar Palace and used Styling Trio for my hair & make-up. I did a trial with them and met Adrian (super nice!) and had Bianca on my make-up and Nadia for my hair. They did a fantastic job! I'm not a girl that wears a lot of makeup normally but I was super happy with how everything came out. They replicated everything perfectly from the trial on the day of and it came out amazing. Every girl wants to look like a princess on their wedding day and they made it happen! I had 4 bridesmaids and 3 moms getting hair & makeup done. With so many different personalities, age ranges, and personal styles, the team was really attentive to each individual's wants and everyone was super happy. If there was something they didnt like, they were totally comfortable approaching the team and asking for this and that to be changed. When making my decision, I looked into a few other vendors but my photographer, Ivan Luckie, said hands down, go with Styling Trio. After hearing that review and checking out Styling Trio online (facebook, pinterest, their website), it was one of the few items I decided to splurge on. My fiance wasn't too thrilled about the bill but his look and the breathless "WOW!" I got from our first look was priceless. Just book them already!!!
  9. Thanks for clarifying!! Do you happen to have anything in writing from palace resorts about Styling Trio that you can share that says that? I want to make sure there are no questions once I get there. I know Ivan wasn't a long time ago but was hoping to get by w a guest pass for him Thanks Lindsey!!
  10. Hi ylan9383, The 2014 day pass rate is $97 per adult and children 4-17 are $49. The # of guest passes available to you is limited to 20% of your group head count, 20 ppl would allow you 4 guest passes. It is up to you if you pay for the passes or the guests pay for the passes. If you have guests staying at other palace resorts, they don't need passes but you still pay the perhead for the reception. I hope that answers your question! Hi Lindsey, Thank you for sharing your vendors! I'm in the final booking process with PP and I was curious how they handled you using vendors offsite. I'm ising Ivan Luckie for my photography and Styling Trio for my hair and make-up. Were you charged the $800 off site vendor fee? I'm hoping I can get by with guest passes for them but it seems that PP has really wised up to all the charges they can throw at you. Any advice or info you can share on this is very helpful!
  11. Have any brides who have already done this have any feedback? I'm facing this dilemma myself but was curious if anyone was told that they couldn't hang it?
  12. Thank you so much for taking the time to gather all this information! I will be checking out the places you suggested myself when I am there for my wedding in May. Unfortunately I'm not really a vintage girl but this is amazing! Would you know a good place to find cigars? My fiance wanted to do a cigar roller but it was out of our budget and are looking for a quality place to buy some for our DIY cigar stand Thanks again!!!
  13. This is great! I'm working on my song list now and this is definitely coming in handy!
  14. for our guests, we are putting together little baggies with sunscreen, aloe, antacid, advil, gatorade single packs and a bottle of water. I also wanted to include a little itinary of what the events of the weekend will be. We had custom tote bags made up and are getting travel cups for our guests so they can just refill at the resort.
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