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Wanted to love..but feeling disappointed
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Del Sol Photography

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By penamonvie, · 1,262 Views · 3 Comments

Its been more than 2 months since receiving the photos and whenever I look through them, I can't help but feel disappointed and wishing I went with a different photographer. Here is the breakdown of the pros and cons



Communication: 5 stars

Excellent, super nice and response to all emails and questions. I was hesitant before the wedding and they called me right away in response to an email I send with some questions as to shot list and number of photos that I will receive. 

Artistry: 4 Stars

They take beautiful photos, it is vibrant, vivid and stunning. 



At the end of the day, we as brides want to hire an awesome wedding photographer to capture all the details and moments that you want to on photo. Although the photos are vibrant and beautiful and artistic, but the basic wedding photography part fell short.  It was not as breathtaking as the hype, and maybe that is my fault. I poured through their website before the wedding and feels that mine wedding falls short. In comparison, we took honeymoon photos in Santorini with a locally based photographer and the 1 hour spend with her delivered more stunning photos than the 6 hour spend for the wedding for 1/20th the price!!   Here are some examples of why I feel let down by Del Sol:


1. We spend around 1 hour taking bride/groom photos on the beach after the ceremony and only about 10 unique photos are worth printing out and/or framing. What I mean is that although there are decent amount of pictures, but there are clusters of 4 or 5 photos that would be the same frame and view point, just with slight movement changes between each picture. Like there are 4 photos of the same picture, just one kissing, one looking, one cheek kissing, all from the same angle, same distance, same view. There was just a lack of diversity and creativity of this 1 hour spend on the beach alone for photos. There were no close ups, intimate moments of both my husband and my face. Another example is that in one set of 5 pictures, there is a blurry bubble gun in the corner of the photo with my husband kissing my hair basically, all you see is his side profile and the back of my head, with blurred bubble gun in the left side of the frame, for 5 photos! What am I going to do with that?? Like ok, I see it, but am I gonna frame that or blow it up or cherish that?? The pictures were all these far away (4 or 5 of the same), or up close like chest and up. There were none that was body filling the frame, yes I guess I can crop the far away ones, but that isn't what you pay $$$$ for. 


2. After the 1 hr beach portrait, we walked back to the huppa on the beach and many family and friends came up for photos. We stood there for like 20 mins posing with parents, family, friends under the huppa and the photographer took all those photos. In the back my mind, I was like wonderful, I will have all these bride/groom + whoever photos on the beach underneath the huppa, but guess what.................. none, as in 0, was delivered!! Then what was the point? for every couple, person, parents, that came up and stood and smiled for a photo with the bride and groom under the beautiful huppa, it was just time wasted? Pointless?? 


3. The same thing happened again during the dinner and reception. Many people, couples, family came up to the sweetheart table, or in the dinning area and we posed for pictures.... but only a handful was delivered.... if I had known this was gonna happen, I would have had my friends/family take the photos on their own personal phones or cameras. BUT then why am I paying top dollar for a wedding photographer to take photos, but not deliver them?! For example, we had 7 tables of guest. We went around and took a picture with each table but I only received 6 pictures. So 1 table photo is missing AND the table that's missing is my husband's parents, brother and immediate family!!! 


4. The top 3 were my biggest areas of disappointment. Lastly, this is one about the center of the show, the bride. I only have 2 bride portrait photos after I got ready, before walking down. 1 of me standing, 1 of me in the same position but just up close of my face. I feel as a bride, we look so much through Pinterest, and each of us have all these ideas of our day, the peace and serenity of the bride, right before walking down the aisle. The beauty of it, the artistic shots like strapping on your shoe, or looking out the window, or smelling your bouquet, those moments... well I don't have any of those. Yes I did give a shot list, but it didn't happen. Looking back, I wish I said something, like "can we do a photo like this, or this". But when it's your big day, your in the moment and not thinking about any of that, your nervous or excited with all these emotions running through you and your thinking of trying of capture yourself beautifully in photos, it is their job. However for me, 2 months later when the photos were delivered.... I realized that maybe I should have thought more about photo moments during that day and to ask them.


Well hindsight is 20/20. Of course weddings do not go as planned and there are things every bride would want to change about their wedding, it just sucks that for me, it is my wedding photos....and they are the constant reminder of the thing I would change, every time I look at them. Thank you for reading and sorry for the long rant. 









After reading how this was written, I invite everyone to see the wedding here on our blog. For anyone who wants to dig deeper, here is the full set of 484 photos Le Reve Destination Wedding


We appreciate you taking the time to share your feedback with us. We at Del Sol Photography pride ourselves on capturing moments, in the moment, as they happen, we celebrate the photojournalistic style in capturing emotions. We understand you may feel disappointed in what you believe you did not receive, but we must state that we are proud of the photos that were delivered and think this was an incredible event to be shared with all. Thanks for mentioning our excellent communication efforts as you know we have always been instantly available.


We believe in sharing the best moments, the photos that we simply LOVE and feel proud of. We stand behind our work, we can see the love and joy in all the photos of your wedding day and the beauty of yourself, your handsome groom and of course, the details of the setting, decor and the fabulous party. Our photographers bring years of experience, skill and creativity to each event and we stand behind their work.


The way this review is written reads a bit different than this testimonial you sent us: "We want to thank you and the Del Sol team for all the hard work and sweat put into ensuring an amazing photo album. It brought tears to my eyes to re-visit the day thru the album."


-- Matt























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Thank you for your response. Maybe I had too high of expectation going in because I really LOVED the other couples who you captured at Le Reve, Marissa & Michael, Dessa & Phil. I just feel that comparing my protrait session post ceremony on the beach, it falls short from theirs. I can agree that we have different opinions. However I still do not understand why the photos I took with friends, family and couples through out the day wasn't deliverd... that feels less to do with artistic moments. I didn't have any bridesmaids or groomsmen because all the guests are more closest friends and family.. but I don't have thoses photos with them..


Overall, you guys do take stunning photos.

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