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MediaMorfosis Cinematography

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By ChicagoBride2011, · 835 Views · 1 Comment

Cons: 2 years later no video, emails being ignored,

I hope this review saves other brides from what happened to me… I’ve been married OVER 2 YEARS and still do not have my videos from Mediamorfosis.


My last several emails have been ignored and I have not heard from Christian since Dec 2012. I know there are a bunch of brides out there in a similar situation as me and it’s heartbreaking.  The thousands of dollars spent aside I am being robbed of the memories of a special day. 


I’m shocked that this is happening considering how great they were on the day of the wedding.  I also know someone that used them in 2010 and they had zero issues with Mediamorfosis and they got their video. However, it seems that most brides that used them in 2011 are still waiting on their video and emails are being ignored.


If anyone has any inside info on what is going on please PM me.  I just want my video!

1 Comment

We got married in April 2012 and we are going through the exact same thing!!! After several emails, Christian indicated that he was waiting for boxes before he could ship and this was in February. I waited and received nothing, so I emailed about it again. He then said it was in the editing stage (in May). So which is it? Is it ready for shipping or still not complete??? Then he said that he'd send us the tracking info on May 24th - assuming that he's sending it; hence why he'd email us the tracking number. No emails with tracking number. I've emailed him a couple of times inquiring about it and I've heard nothing! I actually just posted a comment about this on their Facebook page. We are so very disappointed and mad!


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