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Fun to work with, great pictures & video!
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Caribbean Emotions Photography - Dominican Republic

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By Smithk79, · 176 Views · 0 Comments

Pros: Fun, professional, great value
Cons: N/A

We worked with Michael for our photography and Pacal for our video and both were great! First off, they are very responsive, always responding to my emails, usually the same day or a day later.  I was not interested in a video initially (my parents insisted for those at home that could not make the trip) but we have watched it several times already and it has only been a few weeks since the wedding, we love it! He will also set the video to whatever music you want and also captured the actual ceremony so people can hear everything that was said (we wrote out own symbolic ceremony and I wanted to be able to remember this). The pictures were also amazing! I do not like getting my picture taken and usually avoid it so I was not all that excited about this aspect of the wedding lol! But Michael was very fun to work with, he made everyone relax, smile and we ended up enjoying the time we spent with him. They were also both very familiar with our wedding location (Jellyfish Restaurant) and knew where to take pictures, what would look good, etc. I was concerned about some of the background of the pictures, but he was able to photoshop out any unwanted background views. We spent a few hours with Michael and he ended up with 425 pictures, which is not counting all of the pictures in which people were blinking, not smiling, messing around, etc. which is a ton of pictures! Along with all of the 'staged' pictures, he captured many moments I was not even aware of (candid pictures, which we had requested) and I loved looking at these pictures. He also captured all of the decorations and set up of the wedding, so we are able to look back and I truly then realized what an amazing atmosphere and scenery it was and made it so beautiful! During the ceremony I did not even know we were being photographed or recorded on camera, they just blended in and still captured great shots. We met with Michael 2 days after the wedding (we set this up with him, he worked with our schedule) at our resort and we went through the pictures and video at that time, he wanted to make sure we were happy with everything, which we were. He also gave us the copyrights to the pictures and keeps everything in case anything is lost or damaged, we just have to contact him. Also, they worked with our budget and the price cannot be beat, especially for what you get. Overall, a great choice for us and we would highly recommend Caribbean Emotions!


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