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Cons: Nada.


BEST INVESTMENT!!! The most amazing thing I did book, a little too late in my opinion. I wish Denise was the FIRST, first, first thing I did. She was reasonably priced personally, compared to other wedding planners in the area and her work doesn’t even compare. She’s not your average planner, she is beyond herself! I felt like a celebrity with Denise and a priority, it was divine.


When we had some issues with the hotel, Denise handled it. I, of course, last minute decided I wanted a wine guestbook and it was the day of the wedding and she got me the wine bottle because the day went by so quick!


The WC from the hotel had given us some flowers that were in our package and she “fixed” them because some were wilted petals. This lady means business and she is not afraid to speak her mind (very professionally, of course).


Denise responds to her emails so quick. Very helpful and resourceful. Has great vendors. Can make magic happen! She was the only person that gave me quotes for fireworks…other people were denying me fireworks being permitted, but not Denise J She was honest, worked with my budget, and at the end of the night we couldn’t be happier. It rained at the end of our vows and she had asked if we wanted to wait and surely enough, we waited and it cleared up and our wedding reception was outdoors!


She was the only person that managed to pin up my train lol, even though the hooks popped out.


BTW, she’s American, but fluent in both languages.


I must have 100 emails (possibly exaggerated) but that just shows how willing and pleasant Denise was to communicate with. Which I mentioned once, awhile my specifics and how I disliked greenery and one of the centerpieces (one table centerpiece provided from the hotel) had green palm fillers that I noticed in our photos of the set up and when we had our pictures from the party, they weren’t there. This just shows how meticulous this woman is and her attention to detail.


Ohhhhh not to mention, my bank transfer never went through (due to 1 number being off) so I’m in Mexico, day of the wedding and I’m panicky because she told me this when I took a stroll on the beach to peak at the wedding and she still performed all of the wedding without a payment! Can you believe it?! Having only half the payment and she proceeded with the wedding in good faith once I returned I’d pay. I mean of course I would, but how many people do you know would do that and not demand something that very moment. To me honest and faith works in good favor, and I guess often we forget how trusting people can be.


Without this woman, I wouldn’t have had the wedding that I did. It was beautiful because of her.












Here are other pictures and a link to our hilights video.







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