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Exceptional Wedding Photographer, Cabo San Lucas
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Dino Gomez Photography

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Pros: Helpful, Professional, Was a great resource with vacation!

Dino Gomez came highly recommended by a colleague photographer in Cabo.  After reviewing the photos on Dino's Website in comparison to the other photographers available in the area - it was an easy choice to make.  It is a choice that I am glad that I made again and again.


Dino is a very courteous and conscientious person.  From the beginning all communication was quick, friendly and helpful.  Dino offered himself as a resource to the area which was a very nice touch.  If you stay at the RIU Palace you will find that the staff are militant about checking-in guests - Dino put in a lot of extra effort to meet with us prior to the wedding on our hotel campus which was not an easy feat!  (thanks Dino!)


Our wedding was very small/simple with only a few guests.  I was a bit concerned about being able to fill the time Dino was supposed to cover but it was actually very easy to do!  Dino has a wonderful eye for photography.  His pictures are nothing short of amazing!  My husband and I have looked at our pictures together a million times and are amazed every single time.  Friends and family have noted that they have never seen photos like ours before and that each photo is a work of art.  


I believe that your wedding photos are one of the most important parts of your wedding.  It may have been easier and cheaper to hire the photographer recommended and accepted by our hotel/RIU but in the end, the little difference in price was absolutely worth it.  I am very grateful to Dino and his assistant!  They captured our day just as we remember it!  Fun, friendly and creative!  


TTD: Dino picked us up a few days later to complete a TTD session.  We were excited about seeing new places with Dino taking more pictures but nervous because it is a challenge to keep up with Dino!  This was absolutely amazing as well!  We were able to see cool places including a beach not occupied by others.  Beautiful photos!  I am so very glad we decided to do this!  Again, the pictures are out of this world!  


Thank you so very much Dino!  Please feel free to review Dino's work directly!  Our photos are at:



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