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  1. Erika!! Your pics are up on Dino's Blog! I asked him about you a million times!! Yay! Beautiful! Valerie
  2. Erika! Totally forgot that you used Dino too! So what did you think? Did you have to pay $300 each for him/assistant or $300 total? Also, did you pay to have him eat dinner? Also curious what people tip vendors in that area. Did you love your pics?? Valerie
  3. Erika- Your pictures are great! What a beautiful wedding! Well done!! We leave in 2 weeks!!!! Valerie
  4. What is airbrush tanning?? Also, Kary - I am curious if you received the room up-grade? Thanks for adding pics! Loved looking at them - they are great! Valerie
  5. What a great review with helpful details! The pictures are wonderful! Congratulations on your wedding!
  6. Video was great! Thanks for sharing! Who was your wedding coordinator? I am curious to hear how everything went!! Valerie
  7. Erika! Your wedding is less than a month away!!!! Yay!!! How exciting! Valerie
  8. haha! Just received the lists today! But thanks so much for offer!!
  9. I have to say that having Dino drive us around sounded great to me too! We will probably end up in some cool places! Smart idea to trash a different dress! And, you could use your trial run w/hair/makeup to look good for the TTD! Valerie
  10. Hey Kary, Are you having anyone do your hair/makeup? I contacted Suzanne Morel and I am supposed to have a phone conversation with her in the next couple of days but curious what others are doing! Valerie
  11. That is the tough part- the palace is more expensive and may be more difficult for some guests to afford. But, the price is not that much different in comparison and then your guests would be able to hang out with you and everyone else on the rest of the vacation! Valerie
  12. Kary, Isn't it strange that people who live so close end up in the same place in Mexico to be married?? Funny! How exciting that your day is coming! I can't wait!!! You will totally have to give us all the scoop when you get back! Yay! And... I am doing a TTD session too! We have a very small wedding - just us and a few couple friends! We are using Dino for 4 hours that day (silly for any more w/our group!) and then the TTD is a few days later. He will pick us up and drive us around to fun locations then to a secluded beach location. He didn't specify how long the TTD would be but the cost is $900. It sounds like fun!
  13. I am getting close to being 2 months from wedding date so really excited to get info soon! The WC sent me the florist information but nothing else. Dying to see everything else to start planning!!!
  14. The prices may vary depending upon the time of year, etc but the price that Dino Gomez is charging this July is $500 USD/hour. He was highly recommended by Dennis Berti - a well known photographer in Cabo!
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