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Memories for a Lifetime!!!!
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Caribbean Emotions Photography - Dominican Republic

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By AquaCait, · 107 Views · 0 Comments

Pros: Everything!!!!!!
Cons: Nothing!!!!!!

When we decided in February 2011 that we were going to do a destination wedding, we knew exactly what we wanted, we just needed to find it all.  Once we had confirmation of our date from the resort (Majestic Elegance), I immeadiately booked Michael and Pascal for our wedding and TTD. 


It was very easy to get in touch with Michael through emails or Facebook, and even Pascal has answered me on BDW.  I had forgotten to let them know what dates we were going to be arriving in Punta Cana (and leaving...), so I emailed 2 days prior to leaving home, and all was fine.  On arrival at the resort, I just had to email Michael to let him know which room I would be in on the day of the wedding, and that was that...


On the wedding day, Michael and Pascal showed up early, were ready to work, and were quick with a joke if someone wasn't smiling...they were both very easy to get along with, and we had a great time doing our photos prior to and after the wedding ceremony.  The reception was a great time, and they managed to capture a lot of moments that we didn't know happened.


Trash the Dress was fantastic!!!  Michael picked us up at 9am on the morning after the wedding, was very entertaining on the ride to the beach (they do NOT do the pictures on any resort beach...it's a local beach, but absolutely beautiful and not many people around...).  Once we got there, it was so much fun, sitting in the sand, sitting on logs, and of course playing in the water.  I think we were there for about 3 hours from pick-up to drop off.  Pascal had garbage bags ready for my dress and my husband's shirt and pants, and we had to use his car for a change room. 


We got married on the 9th of May, had our TTD on the 10th, and we had all of our photos, our photo book, MPG disc, and video by the 14th.  When we booked, we had put down for 10 extra copies of the DVD video, which we didn't get immeadiately.  Here's why...Michael told us that sometimes people would think that it was copies of the pictures, or change their minds and want less.  Once we said that we still wanted them, it was no problem.  Michael took our MPG disc to burn the extra copies and he dropped them off the following day (a bellboy brought them to our room for us). 


One thing that really stood out to me when originally looking at CE before booking: there are very, VERY few people in the background of the pictures!!  I have noticed on other photographer sites that there usually are bystanders or sunbathers in the pictures...


All in all, it was an absolutely fantastic experience!!  They are amazing to work with, easy to talk to, and very comfortable to be around.  I am so glad that we made the decision to book with Michael and Pascal, and we wouldn't trade it for anything!!!!  We highly recommend them, and you will NOT be disappointed!!!


P.S. don't blink in pictures! Apparently it's $5/person who blinks  ( LOL)


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