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Book Them!!!!! Wonderful Photography Team!
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Photos in Cancun Photography

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Josh and Maja

By Josh and Maja, · 287 Views · 0 Comments

Pros: Easy Going, Great Communication, Affordable, Reliable, Creative. Friendly, Speaks English and Spanish
Cons: none


My husband and I were looking for photographer that is reliable and great to work with please don't hesitate to book photos in cancun as your photographers. We have gone through many many photographer reviews in Cancun, looking into resort photographers, even considering booking someone local from our home town to come take our pictures and I can assure you that by booking Photos in Cancun we are more than sure that we made the right choice.


The Photos in Cancun team was by far the fastest to reply to our messages and even having meetings with us on the phone to make sure our expectations are met. Derek and Lorena also were willing to drive to our resort prior to the wedding to meet with us in person to discuss all the wedding day details.


Derek, Lorena and Fernando are amazing. They made us feel at ease right away with their professionalism and ability to understand a couple's needs. Also, this great team is very flexible. My husband and I had some crazy requests such as to drive outside of our resort to a turqoise water beach for a TTD session and Derek and Lorena picked up all of their equpment and took the time to do that for us. Otherwise our resort didn't have a nice beach and we would have had very bad pictures on the beach.



Not only that but we also wanted to go to a local Nightclub after our wedding (Coco Bongo) and Derek  Lorena and Fernando were willing to continue taking pictures for us there. To us that was going above and beyond what I would have ever thought a photographer would have done for us. They also stayed longer than they were supposed to and they were more like our guests and part of our family and friends than people we have hired to do our photography. We had so much fun with them. The pictures also look great!! Not only that but we had pictures from three different views as Lorena, Derek and Fernando took them. We just can't say enough good things about them.


Derek, Lorena and Fernando have an great artistic eye for amazing photography moments. Our pictures look great even without photoshop and that is still on the list to send to them :).  


Again, if you have any doubts and you wonder if you should hire them please believe us that you should have no worries and you should book them right away!!! Their flexibility, easy going demenour and professionalism just makes one aspect of a destination wedding very easy and great. Their pictures are awesome and they provide them right after the wedding services have been completed. They speak english and spanish which is great in case of issues with the resort. They have gone above and beyond!!!






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