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Photos in Cancun Photography

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By nickishay, · 151 Views · 0 Comments

Pros: Fabulous photos; Friendly staff

We were extremely pleased with the photos that Laura and Fernando took of our wedding!  Laura and Fernando were fantastic and extremely patient throughout the day of the wedding.  They took pictures from every angle imaginable, which meant they were like monkeys!  I loved that most of the photos were not posed-looking, even though some of them were posed.  The photos have a very artistic quality to them, which makes them really special.  They did a great job of making my un-photogenic husband look good.  We love that we have over 2000 photos to choose from, although it makes choosing quite difficult! 


We had two snafoos with the team, one of which was (embarassingly) totally my fault.  The first was that we did not hear from the team for one month prior to our wedding.  The day before the wedding I was totally freaked out because I wasn't sure if they would be there or not.  Luckily, one of the staff members at our hotel was able to reach the team via phone and got us into contact with the team to reassure us that they would be there.  The second snafoo was that when we received the DVDs, I stuck them into the DVD player in our hotel room.  Each showed that there were only 63 pictures per DVD.  We looked through them and I was totally disappointed at the selection of photos.  I quickly emailed the team from the hotel computers.  In the meantime, I thought that maybe I should check them on a computer.  Well, I brought the DVDs to the concierge who put them in the computer and found that there were not 63 pictures, but 600+ pictures per DVD.  OOPS!  We had dinner reservations so I didn't get a chance to let the team know that all was ok.  By the time we were done with dinner, we had multiple phone messages from the team to make sure that everything was ok.  They let us know that they would fix anything that needed to be done.  I explained what had happened and Laura was very nice and understanding about it.  I was so pleased with their responsiveness!


Overall, an excellent experience and if I had it to do over, I would definitely choose Photos in Cancun. I also have to say that I wish we would have done the Trash the Dress session.  So, save up the money for it so you can do it.


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