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Derek & Lorena
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By majennetta, · 245 Views · 0 Comments

Pros: Everything
Cons: Nothing

     It's simple, do you want EVERY picture from your wedding to be incredible?  Do you want to work with good, real people and feel comfortable in the process?  Do you want the best value for your money?  If you answered yes to any of these than you need to hire Derek & Lorena.


     Listen, I could easily go on and on about how they great they were and how happy my wife and I are about our pics, but here's what I like more.  You're dealing with REAL people.  Derek & Lorena are two of the most beautiful souls you could ever meet.  Forget about the cheesy photographer who gives you "shop talk," a forced smile, and the same poses he did for the last 50 couples he worked with, Derek and Lorena are like two friends on your guest list who just happen to be taking incredible pics.


     With all of the stress and anticipation leading up to our wedding day, Derek & Lorena managed to make this aspect go seamless and enjoyable.  Truly cannot say enough about these two.  


     Forget all of the other BS and if you're looking for photographers, just book these two and cross another thing off of your list.  Not only do my wife and I have amazing pictures, but we now also have life long friends.


     Derek & Lorena, thank you again for everything, we love you guys.


     Most Respectfully,


Michael & Stephanie Jennetta



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