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Hands Down, the Best Decision...
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Del Sol Photography

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By June17Bride, · 478 Views · 1 Comment

Pros: Matt, Juan, Matt, Juan, Juan, Matt, funny, professional, calm under pressure, and did we mention Matt? (and we hear wonderful things about Sol too :)
Cons: That we couldn't afford more time with them



That would be my Neo-esque reaction after seeing a preview of one of Matt's shots shortly after the ceremony.


"SERIOUSLY?! Are you freaking kidding me?!"


That would be my wife's reaction to the same shot. It also happens to be the same reaction she gave when I proposed to her nearly 2 years ago. She uses it sparingly, but Del Sol Photography elicited the same response from my wife that I got during my proposal.


That, my skeptical internet audience, is why you are reading this and why Del Sol was hands down, THE BEST DECISION we made regarding our destination wedding.





I'm not going to tell you that Del Sol is worth every penny. I'm not going to sell you on the fact that these guys are light years ahead of the game with their creativity, situational acumen, and charm. I won't tell you that Del Sol is by and large the best value in wedding photography. Period. 


But, I guess I just did.




Matt personally called to thank me for the booking within days of scheduling an online request. We talked for just a few minutes as he was en route to another wedding, but I knew he placed a premium on the relationships he built with his clients. The better he knew us leading up to our wedding, the more he understood us, and that shows in his art.

Melissa was our constant contact, and acted as our eyes and ears in the studio. In fact, I think she was the first to reach out and tell us how much she loved our photos, teasing us with little details of the story Del Sol was preparing to tell (rather, SHOW) the world about our wedding day. She was also instrumental in getting our slideshow to us in time for a Texas reception less than 2 months following the Mexico wedding, which was huge for us.




What can I possibly say that our slideshow doesn't? You can view it here: Kari + Evan




If you've made it through this entire review, bravo! We read countless reviews and visited tons of websites in search of the perfect wedding photographer. Our trip to their website was the last one we needed. Make it your last one, too.


You won't regret it.


Forever and eternally grateful,


Evan & Kari - Our Slideshow - Our Resort



For those curious about which picture warranted such a response, here you go:




Please, leave your reactions in the comments :)

1 Comment

WOW, Evan & Kari, what touching and emotional words... we are humbled and thank you SO much for trusting our creative vision. I've never had a MOG walk up to me as I was shooting a ceremony and corner me to "THANK ME" for being there...needless to say, it was an honor to work for you and to meet and get to know your family and friends! Saludos from sunny playa chicos, hope to see you on your return trip for the anniversary! -matt


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