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  1. We did not use any outside vendors other than our photographers over at Del Sol. The house DJ was just fine though, as we provided our own playlist of favorite tunes, and just told him to use discretion and keep the crowd going. He did just fine. Save on a DJ and splurge on your photog! You can check out our Del Sol slideshow here. -Kari
  2. Sol! These pictures are BEAUTIFUL. I can't imagine our photos turning out any different than they did, but the thought of you and Matt tag-teaming our wedding only makes us wonder! (and this is in no way a slight to Juan & Matt, you guys ROCKED it!!) -Evan & Kari
  3. Hi!! I too an getting married at Secrets Maroma Beach on June 17th, and I'm so lost on the wedding planner stuff and everything I need to get prepared for. So glad to have found this forum!
  4. This is a review of:

    Del Sol Photography

    Hands Down, the Best Decision...

    Pros: Matt, Juan, Matt, Juan, Juan, Matt, funny, professional, calm under pressure, and did we mention Matt? (and we hear wonderful things about Sol too :)
    Cons: That we couldn't afford more time with them
    "Whoa..."   That would be my Neo-esque reaction after seeing a preview of one of Matt's shots shortly after the ceremony.   "SERIOUSLY?! Are you freaking kidding me?!"   That would be my wife's reaction to the same shot. It also happens to be the same reaction she gave when I proposed to her nearly 2 years ago. She uses it sparingly, but Del Sol Photography elicited the same response from my wife that I got during my proposal.   That, my skeptical internet audience, is wh
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