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San Jose Del Cabo
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Barcelo Los Cabos Palace Deluxe

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By sashaispretty, · 579 Views · 0 Comments

Pros: beautiful amenities, gorgeous beach side setting
Cons: late dress arrival, rush to get the reception ready

My sister got married here, and it was beautiful.  The staff were really quite wonderful, and the amenities were amazing.  The only down side is that you have to make reservations for the "cooler" places in the hotel.  You can't just walk in and have sushi for example.


My sister did have a few hiccups during her wedding here.  As lovely as the staff were, her dress was sent for a steam press, and she didn't get it back until about 30 minutes before her ceremony, so it was a mad dash to get her ready.  She was kind of freaking out.  The spa staff were a bit aloof and didn't really add much value.  Next time, we are not going to go to the spa.  Although there were about 4 weddings on that day, her coordinator was really kind to get back to us, and it was not her fault that we were in a mad rush to get ready.


For the set up of the reception hall, we had to really rush to get our table runners and stuff set up, because there was a wedding before ours that was finishing off.  It was kind of odd, but we got it done.  In my opinion I would actually get the wedding planner to do that all, because before the ceremony it was kind of a mad house trying to get everything ready.  It may cost a bit more, but I think it might be worth it.


The last thing about this place is that it is kind of far from Cabo, so if we wanted to go to Lovers Beach or snorkeling or do anything that involved being in town, we had to plan a day because we had to take a shuttle there and back.  If you wanted to do more of the adventury types of things then it might be worth looking into getting a car for your stay.



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