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By krsmith, · 652 Views · 3 Comments

Pros: Vision, Artistry, Priceless Pictures, & GREAT People!
Cons: Nada!

So it was on this website that I first came across pictures of weddings by Del Sol Photography. Instantly and without a doubt KNEW I had to have them as our photographers. I knew going into the planning process that having good photography was most important to me and that I was going to allot a good portion of our budget for photography. After all, what else will you be left with after the long journey of planning this BIG life event, and the excitement (and craziness) of your big day? I wanted to remember every minute of our wedding, and I knew Del Sol would deliver by not only their creative vision, but their ability to capture raw emotion. 


There were moments and emotions that I never got to see until I saw our pictures. Looking at these almost made me cry! Juan Jose and Melissa did an incredible job capturing everything! They were both incredibly sweet. I wanted them to stay and join the party when they were done! I feel like I can relive our wedding day through the pictures almost by the minute!


We also did a Trash the Dress session with Matt and Sol. When they picked us up where we were staying for our honeymoon in Playa del Carmen (Playacar Palace), they greeted us with big smiles and hugs like we were old friends! First thing they did was offer us a beer when we got to the car...help loosen us up for our photography adventure! I had SO much fun with both of them. Both Matt and Sol were so sweet and patient with us and great at directing us (we are TOTAL amateurs). I was worried they wouldn't be able to get any good pictures since it seems I make a lot of weird expressions when the camera is out, but WOW did they deliver! They made me look and feel like a sexy model, which is saying a lot since I have never had the best self esteem. I plan to go back someday soon (once I hit my goal weight) just so I can have this amazingly talented and fun loving couple do a sexy boudoir shoot for me...the best gift I can give myself after all my hard work! :)


The only thing I would have changed would have been our ceremony start time. The ceremony started at 4pm, and because we had a longer ceremony (Catholic) the light was starting to go away quickly as the sun set around 5:30...didn't think about that when I booked it! Anyways, we had to rush a bit to get the group shots and bridal party shots in, so we didn't get to do quite the variety of shots as I would have liked, but that was our fault and not theirs. Something to think about when you book your ceremony!


Long story short: Del Sol has the most talented photographers I have ever seen and will more than deliver! From customer service to the end product and beyond, Del Sol is hands down is the  best of the best, the cream of the crop, the bomb.com, and everything in between! I will cherish our pictures and the friends we made for the rest of my life! 


Wedding Slide Show


Trash the Dress Slide Show
















Thanks for posting this review Kelly, we are humbled to be part of your amazing love story adventure in Mexico! You say such sweet words, ***blushing *** We are so excited to see you on your return trip for the boudoir / 1st anniv! A goal is worth having no? Good luck amiga, your fabulous! Our best to Dan!


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Gracias Kelly for the awesome review, you are gorgeous! and I am excited with the opportunity to shoot you again. :)


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