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Dominican Republic
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Melia Caribe Tropical All Inclusive

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By PeterSlater, · 928 Views · 0 Comments

Pros: The hotel is cozy, people is warm, the food excellent
Cons: The ceremony day is a rush! they push you to leave the gazebo (after ceremony) too fast

I stayed at Melia for my wedding. Our closest ones came to celebrate with us, and everybody had a great time. The WC was gentle and helpful. The only thing we did not like was the rush everybody had to get us out of the gazebo, after the wedding ceremony was held. I understand they might have some other events to attend, but we wanted to make a toast and take some pictures with familiy and friends, and felt little pressure from the organizers. besides from this little thing the rest was perfect.


I really recommend Melia, as a guest, and as newywed. My wedding pictures from the in-site photographers (Arrecife) came out amazing. We will surely come back again for our anniversary, since we did not have much time to make the interesting excursions and tours they offer around the island.




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